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Ohaus Explorer Semi Micro Balance

The Explorer Series of semi-micro balances brings its signature ingenuity and intuition to applications requiring extreme precision to 0.01mg.

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Quality Control of Immunoassay Testing is Now Stable for 5 Years

(in: Laboratory News)

The Global Science Industry Set for Major Trade Boost with Iran

(in: Laboratory Exhibitions and Conferences)

AMSBIO Launch Cell Pellet Slides for Immunohistochemistry and in situ Hybridisation

(in: New Laboratory Products)

Asynt Expands Parallel Stirrer Blender Range

(in: Laboratory News)

New White Paper Addresses Common Pre-Analytical Errors in Blood Gas Analysis

(in: Laboratory News)

New Clinical Diagnostic Solutions for Allergy and Autoimmune Testing On Display at AACC

(in: Laboratory News)

OGT Expands its Portfolio of Cytocell® Pathology FISH Probes

(in: New Laboratory Products)

ESCMID Cautions that Europe is Now a Hotbed of Global Fungal Resistance in Aspergillus

(in: Laboratory News)

BioTek Adds Patent Pending Laser Autofocus to Cytation Cell Imaging Readers

(in: Laboratory News)

Biofortuna Launches its New Approach to Custom IVD Manufacture and Development Services

(in: Laboratory News)

ZEISS Announces Diffraction Contrast Tomography for 3D Materials Science

(in: New Laboratory Products)

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