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OMNIS - titration made faster, safer, and easier

OMNIS is the new analysis platform making titration faster, safer, and easier. OMNIS is modular and can be expanded from a simple stand-alone titrator to a powerful robotic system performing 4 titrations simultaneously processing up to 175 samples. | more

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New System for Fast and Consistent Results Makes UHPLC Widely Accessible

(in: New Laboratory Products)

Doctorate Student Makes Timely Discovery of New Coating to Target Multi Million Pound Market

(in: Laboratory News)

GPE Scientific Provides Vital Educational Portable Spectrometer to the University of Edinburgh; Refining and Improving Undergraduate Studies

(in: Laboratory News)

New Findings Challenge Current View on Origins of Parkinson’s Disease

(in: Laboratory News)

Precisely Controlled Heated / Stirred Experiments in Vials

(in: New Laboratory Products)