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  Dolomite’s new microfluidic system showcases droplet merging at nanoliter sample scale
  Safe, Low Cost, Easy Transportation of Blood Samples
  Latest Compact Top Loading Autoclave
  Introducing Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer
  Malvern Instruments’ New Zetasizer Helix Combines Dynamic Light Scattering and Raman Spectroscopy for Advanced Protein Structure Analysis
  BioTek Launches Enhanced SiLA Compliant Software for Washers/Dispensers
  New Addition to Lab M’s Pinnacle™ Pre-Poured Plates Improves Accuracy of Salmonella Confirmation
  Model 150 Dynacalibrator® Calibration Gas Generator
  Tecan offers Revolutionary Transfer Tool for Automated Nested LiHa Disposable Tip Handling
  New Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets
  Consistent & Efficient Purification of NGS Library Reactions
  Queensgate Microscopy Products Newly Featured On Agar Scientific Website

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