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  Sub-Zero Launch of Eppendorf CryoCube® Freezers sets New Levels of Cool
  Syngene Launches Sensitive PXi Access Imaging Range For Unrivalled Detection of Faint Bands on Large Blots and Gels
  Bruker’s New Wine and Honey Screeners Deliver Easy, Comprehensive Cost Efficient Analysis
  ICECHIM Invests in Flow Chemistry with the Syrris Asia System
  High-Throughput Chromatography
  New Tools and Services for Immunotherapy Discovery
  96-well Glass Vial Storage Plate for UHPLC
  Chorus Makes a Spectacle
  Bibby Scientific Announces Stuart® Flexi Block Accessories
  New Capsule Loop Tensile Test Fixture
  No-Compromise CHN Microanalysis System

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