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  Imetrum Launches ‘3D Precision Displacement Tracker (PDT)’ the World’s Highest Precision Camera Based 3D Measurement System
  Beckman Coulter Diagnostics DxN VERIS Molecular Diagnostics System: Proven to be Easy to Learn and Operate
  The ABR Automated Breakthrough Analyzer – characterizing novel materials for gas separation and purification applications
  LPW Launches New Product Line - POWDERFLOW
  Digital Rate & Totalising Flowmeter
  PAC Launches Blazing Fast Ellipsometer
  Committing to Accuracy: Improved Conformance Testing of Gravimetric Gas Sorption Analyzers
  Flexible Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) System
  Revolutionary Sample Management Control, new U-2D 96 Well Plates from MicroSolv
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