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  PAC Releases Next Generation Flash Point Instrument, the Herzog OptiFlashâ„¢ Pensky-Martens
  Avacta Lifes Sciences Launches Affimers, Alternative to Antibodies
  Precision Toroids for Spectroscopy & Imaging
  Premium Combination for Pre and Fine Grinding!
  Roche Launches New Fully Automated Molecular Diagnostic Systems Offering the Fastest Time to Results with the Highest Testing Capacity
  Precise Flow Measurement at Elevated Temperatures
  Compact Top Loading Autoclave
  Centre Draining Maximum Recovery Glass Vials and Bottles
  Bigger Capacity Benchtop Autoclave Meets Customer Wish List
  Tecan and RECIPE announce co-marketing agreement for automation of LC-MSMS IVD kits
  Sherwood Scientific help manufacturers monitor their salt content

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