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Latest news

  Eliminate Tedious Sample Preparation with Laboratory Automation from Tecan
  Traceable Tissue Storage Solution
  Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Brings Remote Control, Advanced Networking and Multiuser Management to Avanti High Performance Centrifuges
  Diatron Introduces New 3-Part Differential Hematology Analyzer
  Techne’s new in situ hybridisation adapter delivers a quick, economical solution for 96-well thermal cycler owners
  New Compact, Low-Cost Gel Image Capture & Documentation System
  Eppendorf launches its New Spring 2014 Advantage Offer
  Minitron Incubator Shaker - Maximum Performance in Minimum Space!
  Sakura Finetek Enhances the Fastest Stainer & Coverslippers in the Market with Consistent and Optimized Staining and Track & Trace Integration
  Rugged High Pressure Flowmeter for Low Flow Fluids

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