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  Merck Millipore Introduces Magna™ Nuclear RNA-binding Protein Immunoprecipitation (RIP) Kits
  XEI Scientific Launches the Revolutionary Evactron ES Plasma Cleaning System for the OEM Electron Microscope Market
  Product, Performance and Packaging: New Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables Deliver Quality in All
  Variable Speed Rotor Mill – the All-Purpose Mill for Rapid Comminution
  Flexible Flow Meter Platform for OEM Product Development
  Compact Sample Concentrator for R&D Departments
  New High Specification Ultra Safe Pressure Reactor
  Optimized Performance for Integrated Rodent Metabolism Studies
  New High Performance Multi-Position Reaction Block
  ChIP Sequencing Kit for Next Generation Sequencing
  Save 80% on Random Access Dispensing

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