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  Merck Millipore and VWR Extend Western European Distribution Agreement
  An Integrated Approach to Clinical Genetics Research
  Video Introduction to Automated Microplate Sample Drying
  Link’s New Modifier for Improved Oligo Delivery
  ‘Hands-On’ LC, LC/MS, GC & GC/MS training from Hichrom
  Children’s Oncology Hospital Units utilise TAP’s Fill-It System for Immunotherapy Research To Determine Optimal Dose of Cancer Therapies and Create Stocks of Consistent, High Quality Product for Clinical Trials
  New Study Highlights Benefits of Combining Light Scattering and Refractive Index Detectors Designed Specifically for UHPLC Applications
  High-Throughput Label-Free Interaction Analysis made Easy with EzPlex
  Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Chromatography Portfolio Integrated to Waters Empower CDS
  Are mega M&As back in pharma?

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