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  EquipNet Expands Business in Australia and South East Asia
  JPK Reports on the Use of AFM and the CellHesion Module to Study Plant Cells at the University of Queensland
  WALDNER Group Joined Forces with Hohenloher Spezialmöbelwerke
  Horizon Discovery Group plc and Adarza BioSystems Enter Supply & Licensing Agreement
  Super Sensitive Binning Results and Large Blot/Gel Capacity Makes Syngene’s G:BOX Chemi XRQ a Winner at Major European University
  LaVision BioTec Reports on the Award-Winning Scientist Peter Friedl and his Work Imaging Cancer Growth
  Crime Scene Investigations with Opto-Digital Microscopy
  Malvern Zetasizer APS delivers unattended protein screening for SARomics Biostructures
  Inframation 2015 Thermal Imaging Conference
  Centrifugal Evaporation Aids Quest for Culinary Perfection
  Renishaw receives Queen's Award for spectroscopy developments

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