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  Bibby Scientific Incorporates Qualoupe Lite into More Instruments for Better Data Tracking and Storage
  CLSI Releases New Microbiology Standard for Detection of Anaerobes in Clinical Specimens
  Merck Millipore Expands Manufacturing Capabilities in France with €12 Million Investment
  VolitionRx Invests in Laboratory Automation System to Increase Throughput Capacity for Large Clinical Trials
  Protagen AG Launches Landmark First Research Test Kit for Systemic Sclerosis
  Galbraith Laboratories Announces Extensive Thermal Analysis Capabilities
  Mathematical Modelling Could Pave Way for New Chlamydia Therapies
  CN Bio Innovations Marks World Hepatitis Day by Signing Research Agreement with Imperial College London
  Analytik Celebrates 150 Years of their German Partner, Schmidt+Haensch and their Ground Breaking Instruments, Including the Original Michelson Interferometer
  Reliable Assays for Sugars in Acid-Hydrolyzed Wood
  Cancer Conference Poster Prize Winner

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