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  Study Finds Merck Millipore's Strat-M® Synthetic Membrane Comparable to Human and Animal Skin for Permeation Studies
  DELMIC Reports on a Nature Nanotechnology Paper from Stanford University and the FOM Institute AMOLF on Nanoscale Optical Tomography with Cathodoluminescence Spectroscopy (SPARC)
  Priorclave to Launch Autoclave Teach-In Guide at Achema
  Analytik Jena AG Receives Major Order for Analytical and Life Science Instrumentation from China
  Linkam Launch the LinkPad 2 Touch Screen Controller for their Temperature Stages
  Slim Your Laboratory's Waste with RAININ's New TerraRack
  European Lead Factory Wins Award and Delivers 50,000 New Compounds
  Compact Synchrotron Makes Tumors Visible - Novel X-ray Technology Improves Contrast in Soft Tissue
  Linkam Stages Used to Study the Effects of Cryopreservation on the Quality of Koala spermatozoa Samples
  IDT Opens Molecular Biology R&D Facility in Redwood City
  Innovation is at the Heart of the Laboratory Industry

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