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Microscopy & Image Analysis


Catch up on the latest laboratory products for Microscopy and Image analysis

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Latest news

  High-Throughput Label-Free Interaction Analysis made Easy with EzPlex
  Going green – liquid crystal research using a Linkam Peltier stage aids in the development of smart energy windows at RavenBrick
  New NIST Publication on AFM-IR has Implications for Catalysis Research
  ZEISS iPad Imaging App Labscope Connects Labs and Classrooms
  New Compact, Low-Cost Gel Image Capture & Documentation System
  Sakura Finetek Enhances the Fastest Stainer & Coverslippers in the Market with Consistent and Optimized Staining and Track & Trace Integration
  Leading Researchers Invited by ZEISS to Workshop on Correlative 3D Microscopy
  New freeze drying microscope offers clearer images for easier analysis
  Thermal Cameras Spot Leaks In Oil & Gas Tanks & Pipelines
  OS-Z Mounts Provide Stability For Many Types of Mirror

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