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Microscopy & Image Analysis

Catch up on the latest laboratory products for Microscopy and Image analysis

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Latest news

  Crisp and fluid imaging for every need – Olympus Full HD cameras
  World’s first mobile SEM
  HCA International to Deploy Innovative Multidisciplinary Imaging Software Solution Across all UK Hospitals
  An Innovative Solution for Confocal Super Resolution
  Photonex 2014 - the Conference is now Complete with the Announcement of the Nano and Bio-Imaging Programme on applied Biophotonics Applications.
  Respected Synthetic Biology Group Chooses G:BOX Chemi XT4 to Speed up Analysis of DNA and Proteins from Bacteria Engineered to Process Heavy Metals Accumulated in Plants Grown on Contaminated Soil
  The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014
  Malvern Instruments marks 3rd anniversary of the Mastersizer 3000 with the launch of imaging accessory
  HORIBA UK Introduces EasyCell® Assistant Digital Cell Imaging System
  Dolomite Launch Meros TCU-100 Temperature Controller at Lab-on-a-Chip & Microarray World Congress
  Precision Toroids for Spectroscopy & Imaging

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