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Microscopy & Image Analysis

Catch up on the latest laboratory products for Microscopy and Image analysis

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Latest news

  Renishaw adds Raman analysis to Scanning Electron Microscopy at the University of Sydney, Australia
  JPK Announces Releases the Next Generation BioAFM - the NanoWizard® 4 BioScience AFM
  Analytik Join SEAHA as an Industrial Partner and Supervisor of a Student Applying Spectral Imaging Techniques in the Field of Heritage and Conservation
  Leica Microsystems Launches Laser Microdissection Microscope Series with LED for Transmitted Light
  Nanohybrids appoint Eikonix as its distributor
  Leicester Pioneers Introduce New Imaging Autopsy Service to the NHS
  Leica Microsystems Introduces the Leica DM2500 LED Microscope for Clinical Laboratories and Research Applications
  Analytik Reports on the Use of the Videometer VL3 Multispectral Imaging System at the John Innes Centre to Screen Wheat Crops
  DELMIC Reports on a New Review Paper Published in Nature Methods on Correlated Light & Electron Microscopy from their User Groups at the Universities of Delft and Groningen
  Groundbreaking Research to Help Control Liquids at Micro and Nano Scales
  Introducing the Omega Fluor Plus

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