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Latest news

  Appointment to the Highest Level of the ZEISS Technical Ladder
  Untangling DNA with a Droplet of Water, a Pipet and a Polymer
  Renishaw and Bruker Team up for a Workshop on TERS and Co-Localised AFM Raman
  JPK reports on the use of optical tweezers in the Schieber Research Group at Illinois Institute of Technology
  “Two-in-One” Transilluminator Provides both Ultraviolet and White Light Illumination
  XEI Scientific and University of Southern California announce a publication in Advanced Materials on the use of downstream plasma cleaning
  Deben reports on the research of Professors Duncan Bassett and Graham Williams of Imperial College, London. They are utilising a Deben Gen5 BSE detector with SEM to characterise bone and joint abnormalities.
  Thermal Imaging for Science / R&D
  Synoptics’ Restructuring for Growth in Global Science Markets Viewed Positively with over £500,000 New Investment Raised
  Major Clinical Breakthrough at the Centre de Recherche du CHUS in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada - A Clinical Study Demonstrates that Technetium Produced in a Cyclotron is Equivalent to that Produced in a Nuclear Reactor
  CO2 Leak Detection Camera

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