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Microscopy & Image Analysis

Catch up on the latest laboratory products for Microscopy and Image analysis

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Latest news

  Comfortable, Compact, Clever – CX23 Microscope
  Lonza Introduces CytoSMART™ System for Walk-Away Live Cell Imaging
  Protea Presents NEW Cancer Research Workflow at AACR
  JPK Reports on the Use of the NanoWizard® 3 AFM System at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  Flagship Biosciences Customizes Assay Development and Tissue Image Analysis for Advanced Cell Diagnostics RNAscope Platform
  LaVision BioTec Reports on the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research and their Use of Multiphoton Microscopy to Understand the Behaviour of Cells in Cancer Metastasis
  Photometrics® Launches New LightSpeed™ Mode for the Evolve™ 512 Delta EMCCD Camera
  New Pre-validated Fluorinated Fragment Library Boosts Drug Screening Efficiency
  MR Solutions Brings Preclinical MRI Technology to Class 3 and 4 Laboratories
  Introduction of the LVEM25 Low Voltage Electron Microscope
  Quantifying Drug Metabolising Enzymes and Biomarkers Faster and More Accurate with Syngene Imaging System

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