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Microscopy & Image Analysis

Catch up on the latest laboratory products for Microscopy and Image analysis

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Latest news

  Phenom-World release new PoroMetric Software
  The CLARIOstar multi-mode microplate reader from BMG LABTECH now offers even more versatility
  Bessel Beam Plane Illumination Microscopy Enables Fast 3D Volume Imaging
  Andor iXon Ultra 897 Camera Probes Moments After Big Bang
  Unmatched Deep Imaging of Biological Samples
  Superframing Technique Increases the Dynamic Range of Thermal Imaging
  Innova Biosciences Introduces InnovaGOLD Nanoparticles
  NanoWizard® AFM Now Available to US Users
  PI Positioning Stages Help Reveal Secrets of Teeth
  Abcam Introduces Exclusive Range of Highly Validated Antibody Conjugates
  Advanced Cell Diagnostics and Leica Biosystems Begin Co-Marketing Fully Automated RNA in Situ Hybridization Assay

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