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  CLSI Publishes a New Practical Guide for the Laboratory on FDA’s Quality System Regulation for Laboratory-Developed Tests
  Brookfield 2015 Catalog Introduces New Instruments and Accessories
  Scientific Laboratory Supplies Launch New Cleanroom Catalogue
  CLSI Publishes New Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Standards
  CLSI Publishes a New General Laboratory Standard Planning for Laboratory Operations During a Disaster
  Tissue Culture Plastics & Epigenetic Supplies
  CLSI Releases an Updated Standard on Nongynecological Cytology Specimens
  Verifying the Quality and Quantity of your ChIP DNA
  Environmental and Food Applications using Cogent TYPE-C Silica Columns
  Make or Buy Gold Nanoparticles? A quick analysis
  New 2014-2015 Mystaire® full-line Laboratory Safety Equipment Catalogs are now Available

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