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  What's suppression in ion chromatography all about? Theoretical aspects and practical benefits explained.
  CLSI Released a New Edition of Its Standard About Protection of Laboratory Workers From Occupationally Acquired Infections
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  Freeman Technology unveils a new guide to powder behaviour
  New Temperature Control Catalogue 2014/2015
  Magritek Launches a Series of Laboratory Experiment Manuals to Help Undergraduate Students Learn about NMR Spectrometry
  Leading Commentary on Molecular Diagnostics Edited by LGC Expert
  CLSI Released a New Quality Management Report: Understanding the Cost of Quality in the Laboratory
  2014/15 Catalogue Now Available from Scientific Laboratory Supplies
  Micronic Celebrates 30 Years in Sample Storage
  New J Young 2014 Brochure from GPE Scientific Ltd
  Radleys New 2014 International Product Guide

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