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Pipette tip revolution – spectacular video of tips that load…. magnetically!

publication date: Apr 1, 2019
author/source: INTEGRA Biosciences AG


Integra are re-writing the book on handheld pipetting with the introduction of our revolutionary MagneTips system.

Complementing their popular GripTips system, the ground-breaking MagneTips technology completely eliminates the need to pick up pipette tips. Now you can simply wave the pipette over the tip box, push the button and tips will snap on automatically!

The unique MagneTips system will soon be available as an option for all INTEGRA electronic pipettes, completely replacing the standard tip ejector mechanism. You can see this incredible technology in action by watching footage of the system in testing.

The disposable MagneTips have superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles embedded into the rim of each tip, allowing rapid tip pick-up and disposal using miniaturized superconducting electromagnets fitted to each pipetting channel. The system is controlled via a thumb-operated toggle switch, saving up to three seconds per tip pick-up action. This truly innovative system ensures tips are always correctly sealed and perfectly aligned, and has been developed specifically for high throughput environments where every second counts!


See the MagneTips system in action



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