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High Pressure Homogenisers and Extruders

Biopharma Process Systems (BPS) is pleased to be representing Avestin Liposome Extruders and High Pressure Homogenisers within the UK and Ireland.

Avestin_C5_homogeniserAvestin is the leading manufacturer of high pressure homogenizers suitable for high-pressure applications such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Founded in 1991, Avestin’s focus on quality of engineering and design led to the development of a unique design that eliminates all o-rings and gaskets in the product path. This means less risk of contamination, easier cleaning and no risk of leakage. All face seals are precision-machined metal-to-metal or metal-to-ceramic for optimal durability and efficiency.

Avestin’s laboratory homogenisers are capable of processing samples as small as 3ml with both electrically-powered and pneumatically-driven models available. Research and production systems scale all the way up to 1000 litres/hour. All Avestin’s systems are capable of achieving controllable pressures up 30,000psi, more than enough for disrupting cells such as ecoli and yeast, with options for 45,000psi on some models. The most popular laboratory scale systems are often available from local stock.

Avestin’s unique dynamic homogenising valve is proven on over 2000 installations world-wide and self regulates once set. Submicron particles or droplets <50nm can be achieved. The valve has been designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning or inspection.

Options include filter/extruder for applications such as liposomes or sterile filtration, automatic homogenising pressure control  and precision pressure measurement with electronic data recording.

Avestin systems are suitable for a whole range of cell disruption, emulsification, homogenising and particle size reduction applications. They are CIP-(able) and all wetted parts are also suitable for SIP or autoclave. They can be used in cleanrooms and for GMP manufacturing where required.

All Avestin systems are fully supported for service and spares in the UK & Ireland by BPS’ in-house service department.

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