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The Reason to Choose Animal-free Recombinant Proteins from Creative Biomart

creative biomart

The Animal free recombinant proteins from Creative Biomart are produced in non-transgenic plants and antibodies against those plant-produced proteins for the R&D market with the exclusive technological platform (expression vectors) and purification technologies.

Why choose plants? Because plants are able to produce recombinant proteins the same way mammalian cell cultures do, including post-translational modifications like disulfide bonds among others. Even when glycosilation in plants is different in some proteins from mammalian.

Non-transgenic plant production system is more efficient, fast, flexible and cheap compared to transgenic plants recombinant proteins production; the scaling-up compared with bio-reactors is simple and lineal. It doesn't have issues with inclusion bodies as E.coli.

Antibodies against these plant-produced proteins have no vertebrate cross-reaction, giving very clean backgrounds signal (Clean Antibodies). Bind equally plant-produced and cell-produced proteins too. 

In order to keep up with and meet the increasing requirements of R&D market, Creative Biomart Inc. has developed many novel animal-free recombinant proteins. These animal-free recombinant proteins are specifically manufactured with animal-free facilities which greatly minimize the possibility of animal pollution in the producing process. All their animal-free proteins are as active as their counterparts produced in CHO or similar. 

The following animal-free protein products and cytokines are available at Creative Biomart:

All the recombinant proteins from Creative Biomart are Animal free, active and 97% pure. 

Creative Biomart performs ad-hoc projects, with just the sequence provided by the customer, it can serve a 100 % active lyophilized recombinant protein and antibody to its door.

learn more about the proteins

more about Creative Biomart

more news from Creative Biomart

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