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Nanohybrids appoint Eikonix as its distributor

publication date: Jul 29, 2015
author/source: Eikonix

Eikonix, the scientific digital imaging specialists, are pleased to announce they will be distributing the Nanohybrids range of silica-coated gold nanorods in the UK.

Nanohybrids gold nanorods

NanoHybrids harness the power of nanotechnology and molecular targeting to enable improved and non-invasive detection of diseased tissue. The products are highly monodisperse gold nanoparticles provide exceptional signal strength and high thermodynamic stability, and are suitable for functionalisation and antibody conjugation.

The premium line of silica-coated gold nanorods is ideal for photoacoustic imaging and other techniques involving the use of pulsed lasers, while gold nanorods and nanospheres with specialized coatings can also be employed in photothermal therapy, optical imaging, microscopy, lateral flow assays, photonics and other life science and material science applications.

Silica-coated nanorods and nanospheres have high thermodynamic stability and unlike many other nanoparticles, won’t melt when illuminated with nanosecond pulsed laser light. This thermodynamic stability means contrast agents can be imaged reliably in a repeatable fashion. This means more reproducible imaging results with high contrast and signal to noise ratios. The silica shell on the particles is also biologically inert, making them suitable for in vivo applications.

Rod shaped gold nanoparticles are ideal for applications involving pulsed lasers and multiplexing experiments. A wide range of peak wavelengths are available (780 nm, 808 nm, 850 nm, 1064 nm). Spherical gold nanoparticles are ideal for microscopy applications where a lower wavelength is preferred so images can be viewed by the naked eye.

Eikonix, the scientific digital imaging experts offers an unrivalled choice of systems for those working in the fields of gel imaging, colony counting and zone measuring, fluorescence imaging and live cell counting and imaging. Paul Ellwood of Eikonix says “we are very pleased to be associated with Nanohybrids and their innovative product range”.

NanoHybrids is a Texas based company focused on commercializing nanotechnology solutions that can enhance the non-invasive detection and molecular profiling of cancer, atherosclerosis and other diseases.

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