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Red Line Centrifuges from Herolab

publication date: Mar 1, 2016
author/source: Herolab


The Herolab Red Line centrifuges have been at the top of many people’s wish list when they consider the purchase of a new or replacement model. When you look at the impressive range of products and consider the host of features and cost then it is simple to see why.

Herolab have been at the forefront of centrifuge development for over 36 years. With their high quality and attention to detail any of these systems will last for many years with little or no maintenance and downtime. Of course with any centrifuge safety is an important consideration and Herolab take this very seriously. For this reason all models have an additional inner guard ring on the stainless steel chamber.  The APRIsystem (Automatic Positive Rotor Identification) recognises the rotor itself and checks for the speed setting. In case the speed is selected too high for a particular rotor the machine will automatically reduce the speed setting to the maximum speed possible for the rotor. If any imbalance is detected an automatic cut-off will activate. Additionally, there is a 4-point-lid-fixing, a motorised lid lock, auto lid opening and an emergency lid-lock release.

The Red line features Table-Top models, units on rollers that can slide under a bench and larger floor standing models. Both refrigerated and non-refrigerated models are available. Sample volumes from 24 x 0.2ml up to 6 x 1000ml are catered for.

A distinctive red cover on the centrifuge and a matching red cover for the rotors signify that the correct components are being used. The table-top and floor standing centrifuges have an identical drive and mostly all of the rotors of the Red Line can fit in every centrifuge of the range.

The models differ in the sizes of the chamber and the power of the machine and hence the maximum speed differs across the range.

Special options which are available for the Red Line centrifuges include water cooling, nitrogen purge and robotic control.

Says Herolab: “Over the past 36 years we have continually improved our whole range of centrifuges to give our customers the very best in terms of performance, quality and life expectancy. Our large customer base is testament to our achievement to meet these goals”

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