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The new way to capture electrophoresis gel images

publication date: May 9, 2016
author/source: Eikonix

Gel Scanner from Eikonix

A next generation and innovative method for capturing gel images which is cost effective and produces outstanding results

Bio-1000F from Eikonix the UK imaging specialists, is an innovative, user-friendly, and cost-effective scanning device that integrates image capture, gel preview, and gel extraction essential for routine nucleic acid gel electrophoresis.

Using a combination of high-sensitivity 300dpi sensors and Blue-LED illuminators, the Bio-1000F is compatible with all EtBr-alternative fluorescent stains and provides publication-quality images. With a sensitivity of up to 0.04 ng per band, the Bio-1000F gives significantly enhanced results over the more traditional CCD based gel documentation systems.

Users simply place their gel onto the scanning area, close the lid and wait for the image to be captured. In fact it is just like making a photocopy of your gel – what could be easier? A convenient orange screen shields the user from excessive exposure to the blue light.

Incorporating removable filter plate users can visualise band patterns and conduct gel extraction directly on Bio-1000F if they wish for a more convenient operation.

The compact design enables the Bio-1000F to fit easily into any small space in a crowded laboratory taking up less than 30cm of width space.

The Bio-1000F is a fully integrated and ultra-sensitive gel imager for researchers. For those looking for a logical alternative to the traditional old style gel documentations this scanner is simple to use and a highly effective new way of capturing gel images.

Eikonix is pleased to introduce this at a low introductory price. Call for details.

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