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Introducing PerkinElmer’s NEW Avio 500 ICP -OES

publication date: Jul 28, 2017
author/source: PerkinElmer

Avio® 500 ICP -OES

Expand the range of what your lab can accomplish. Extend your resources so that you can do even more.

Avio 500 ICP-OESAll with the Avio 500 ICP-OES – a truly simultaneous, dual view, and compact ICP-OES. It utilizes a vertical plasma and is engineered to handle even the most difficult, high-matrix samples without dilution, delivering productivity, performance, and faster return on investment.

The Avio 500 ICP-OES combines the productivity you need with the high-quality performance and faster return on investment your work demands.

  • Vertical Plasma Torch Design: provides unrivaled matrix flexibility, minimizing sample preparation time – its design lets you quickly and easily make adjustments, even while the system is running.
  • Flat Plate™ Plasma Technology: delivers a more robust, stable plasma with the lowest argon consumption of any ICP (at least 50% less than other systems).
  • Dual View: optimizes axial and radial plasma viewing to the extended linear dynamic range, measuring high and low concentrations in the same run, regardless of wavelength.
  • PlasmaShear™ System: offers maintenance-free, argon-free interference removal, eliminating the need for high-extraction systems or cones, for a fully automated interference removal system.
  • Universal Data Acquisition: enables simultaneous acquisition of all available wavelengths, with virtually no time or storage penalty.
  • Color PlasmaCam™: for real-time viewing status evaluation of plasma, injector, and torch during analysis, simplifying method development and enabling remote diagnostic capabilities.
  • Syngistix™ for ICP Software: provides an intuitive, left-to-right, icon-based design; built-in, preset methods for faster, easier operation, requiring minimal training; extensive quality control options, including QC Charting; common software platform across AA, ICP, and ICP-MS.

Learn more about what you can accomplish with the new Avio 500 ICP-OES

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