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Analytik announces the Mini-Spectrometer for the quality control of LEDs as part of a new relationship with GL Optic.

The handheld GL Optic Mini-SpectrometerAnalytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, have linked up with German company, GL Optic, for the supply of spectroradiometers for use in both quality control and research applications for the growing lighting marketplace.

GL Optic Mini-Spectrometer is a practical and reliable handheld device specifically designed for the measurement and characterisation of light sources - especially LEDs - providing accurate spectral information and colour coordinates conforming to CIE standards.

Dedicated software automatically calculates critical parameters such as colour temperature and colour rendering index, whilst different accessories are available for specialised measurements; including luminous flux of LEDs using the 48mm Integrating Sphere, and luminance of flat screen LCD displays using the Display Sensor optical probe.

The Mini-Spectrometer is small in size with low energy consumption delivering high sensitivity and precise calibration performance based on a particularly low noise floor. Powered and operational when connected to a PC via a USB port, it is ready to start measuring within only ten minutes of switching on.

GL Optic has designed a product to face the challenges of the modern lighting industry and demanding LED market. This handheld spectrometer can be used for everyday incoming quality control of light sources, field work of quality engineers and other professionals who deal in the quality of light. The Mini-Spectrometer is the measuring device of choice for the final assessment of lamps as well as for testing complete lighting installations.

Talking about the addition of GL Optics' products to Analytik's range of innovative scientific solutions for industry and research, founder and Managing Director, Ian Laidlaw, says "The UK lighting technology market is growing rapidly and we see an excellent fit for the products from GL Optic. It will broaden our market reach based on 8 years' experience working in spectroscopy and allied measurement techniques."

To learn more about the Mini-Spectrometer and other products from GL Optic, please visit

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