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Enabling ADME/Tox Assays through Workflow Automation, Multiplexing and Detection

publication date: Jul 10, 2014
author/source: BioTek Instruments

ADME/Tox is an acronym for the investigation of basic small molecule compound behavior in Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion, combined with toxicity assessments.

biotex logoIn its simplest form, ADME studies are principally concerned with the effects of an organism, tissue or cell on the compound. Toxicology however looks at the effects of the compound on an organism, tissue or cell. There are myriad microplate-based assays using a wide range of detection technologies for the analysis of ADME/Tox properties. These assays can use purified enzymes, engineered cell lines, primary cells and cell aggregates using 3D cell culture.

BioTek instrumentation can be used to automate workflows, multiplex assays and detect assay signals over this broad range of ADME/Tox assays. In this Application News, we provide our top 10 peer-reviewed publications and application notes that describe these capabilities in Absorption, Metabolism and Toxicology.


  • Automation of Cell-Based Drug Absorption Assays in 96-Well Format Using Permeable Support Systems
  • Low Cost Solution for PAMPA Assays - Using the Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer with pION's PAMPA Explorer™ for the In-vitro Drug Permeability Studies


  • Automated Triplexed Hepatocyte-Based Viability and CYP1A and -3A Induction Assays
  • Automation and miniaturization of the bioluminescent UGT-Glo assay for screening of UDP-glucuronosyltransferase inhibition by various compounds
  • Automated luminescence-based cytochrome P450 profiling using a simple, elegant robotic platform
  • Automated 384-Well Cell-Based Cytochrome P450 Inhibition Assays Using Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes in Suspension


  • The Impact of a 3-Dimensional Human Liver Microtissue Model on Long-term Hepatotoxicity Studies
  • Incorporation of a Novel 3D Cell Culture System to Perform in vitro Cytotoxicity Analyses using Human Primary Hepatocytes
  • A Simple, Robust Automated Multiplex Assay for Mitochondria Toxicity Testing
  • Incorporation of a Novel 3D Cell Culture System to Perform in vitro Cytotoxicity Analyses using Human Primary Hepatocyte

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