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Experience evaporation from the market leader

The evaporation of solvents is a routine process widely used in the laboratory. It is therefore all the more important that the instruments optimally support the user’s working methods and are matched to the conditions and needs of the laboratory

The Rotavapor R-210/215The Rotavapor R-210/215 is the most efficient rotary evaporator in the market. The high power heating bath enables a quick operation start and provides enough power for high distillation rates of all kind of solvents. Parallel to the heating sources the cooling surface of the condensers is adequate big to ensure a complete condensation. This enhances the recovery rate of the solvent and protects the environment.

With a wide range of different condenser the BUCHI Rotavapor covers most of all laboratory application. To enhance the safety all glass parts can be protected with plastic coating. Due to the logical placed control elements an intuitive operation of the instrument is guaranteed. The optional adaptable vacuum controller V850/855 enables the user to adjust the vacuum precise and quick. All for a distillation process needed single instruments can be controlled from this central operating unit. As a result of this, the previously independent instruments, such as the vacuum pump and recirculating chiller, are now controlled by the vacuum controller.

The integrated solvent library also recommends and sets the optimal cooling temperature on the chiller, thereby preventing a too low temperature setting that would only generate heat, noise and costs. The modularity of the Rotavapor ensures that the user can upgrade the system anytime according his needs. Parallel the backwards compatibility save costs as existing instruments can still be used furthermore.

Experience BUCHI Rotavapor success stories from different industries like Chemistry, Pharma, Food and Academia. Discover numerous case studies on

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