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How Intelligent is your GC column?

Let your GC column protect itself without the need for connectors and guard columns. Protecting your GC column is now even easier with an Intelligent Retention Gap

Download GC Column Catalogue PDF ~ 3 Mb

The selection of •red (dot-red) branded GC columns has always been extensive, a large range of phases lengths and diameters. This range can also be supplied with Intelligent Retention Gaps (IRG), extending column life and reducing column noise. These can be included on all capillary column types including the MS phases, chiral and high temperature (HT) phases. 

So what is an IRG? 

An IRG (Intelligent Retention Gap) is a deactivated extension of the analytical column tubing, creating an inbuilt guard column. This region of deactivated silica means that non volatile residues are deposited on the tubing before the phase, so they do not impede analysis. Commonly, retention gaps / guard columns are attached to the main column using a 'union'. As the tubing is continuous no connector is required. 

This means elimination of: 

  • Unnecessary handling
  • Cold spots
  • Leakage 


All of which are commonly associated with press fit and/or ferrule type retention gaps. Glass press fits are also time consuming, and another process and consumable for your laboratory.  

In addition, columns can be produced having the deactivated section at the detector end either as well as, or instead of, the injector end. 

The IRG is typically 5-10m in length, but exact specification depends on the type of analysis. It is recommended that the IRG is trimmed periodically as non-volatile deposits build up. 

•red columns are available in all common phase types in a huge variety of diameters, film thickness and lengths. There are also a number of unique columns for specific analysis, such as: 

  • separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • pesticides, herbicides and insecticide
  • biodiesel analysis 


Custom columns are always possible, please let us know your requirements. Contact your local dealer, or Stratlab Ltd for catalogue number and pricing information.

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