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IDT enters exclusive agreement with 454 Life Sciences to provide custom primers for GS FLX Titanium Chemistry

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the custom biology company, has signed an exclusive agreement with 454 Life Sciences, a Roche company, to provide researchers with custom primers for the GS FLX Titanium Chemistry, used on the company's GS FLX System and GS Junior System. Available as FusionPrimers or Rapid Library MID (Molecular Identification) Adaptor Oligos, these products are used for amplicon or shotgun sequencing. IDT's unique design software enables users to create specific primers to target individual or multiple exons from one or more genes. 

Through the use of HPLC-purification techniques, IDT significantly reduces the potential occurrence of mis-priming and identity is guaranteed with 100% mass spectrometry quality control.  

John Havens, Vice-President Business Development, at IDT remarked on this agreement, "Applications within genomic sequencing are becoming increasingly prominent, especially with wide use of next generation sequencing. As such, we are delighted to enable researchers to use GS FLX Titanium FusionPrimers and RapidLibrary MID Adaptors for 454 Sequencing applications, from ultra-deep amplicon sequencing to transcriptome sequencing and metagenomics." 

The GS FLX Titanium FusionPrimers have a 25 base pair fixed sequence at the 5' end and enable sequencing of longer amplicons and increased reads per run. An optional MID sequence acts as a molecular barcode to enable libraries to be multiplexed and subsequently identified. The GS FLX Titanium RapidLibrary MID Adaptor Oligos are intended for shotgun sequencing and incorporate MIDs as standard. These adaptors are especially useful for sequencing numerous small samples in parallel, to drop the effective sequencing cost per samples. 

The Standard FusionPrimers, GS FLX Titanium FusionPrimers and GS FLX Titanium RapidLibrary MID Adaptor Oligos are all available to order via IDT's free online suite of design tools, SciTools.

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