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Malvern automates sample filtering for safety and productivity in demanding high temperature GPC applications

Viscotek HT-GPCBringing fully automated, state-of-the-art GPC technology to the polyolefin industry, the Viscotek HT-GPC (high temperature gel permeation chromatography) system from Malvern Instruments is detailed in a new brochure available on the company's website. 

The Viscotek HT-GPC system requires no user interventions for sample filtering and is uniquely specified for safe, routine operation at the high temperatures (160oC) necessary for analyzing polyethylene and polypropylene. It measures absolute molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, and polymer chain branching in just a single experiment. These are critical parameters for polyolefins that influence in-use properties such as strength and permeability.  

Although GPC is a well-established and valued technique for polymer analysis its use with polyolefins is hampered by their sparing solubility in so many solvents. High temperature operation is essential, increasing the risks associated with hazardous solvent use. Fully automated, and with excellent temperature control up to 160oC, the HT-GPC is safe, accurate and productive.

With GPC the detectors used to characterize the sample, as it elutes from the separation column, dictate what information is gathered during each experiment. The full Viscotek HT-GPC triple detector configuration includes refractive index (RI), viscometry and low angle light scattering (LALS) detection. Together these detectors provide absolute molecular weight without extrapolation or correction, molecular size, intrinsic viscosity and branching information. Three alternative detector configurations are also available: RI alone, RI and LALS, and RI and viscometer.

The Viscotek HT-GPC has a modular design that enhances flexibility, reliability and ease of maintenance. All configurations use the new Vortex autoprep/autosampler for sample preparation and delivery. This unit consists of an integrated autosampling device and heated mulitvial stirrer that dissolves and automatically injects the sample, eliminating the need for manual hot sample transfer.

Advanced OmniSEC software drives the new system. OmniSEC has full polymer branching calculations capability and an intuitive Branching View function that simplifies the study of long chain branching.

Further details of the features and benefits of the Viscotek HT-GPC are brought together in the  product brochure which can be downloaded at:

Malvern, Malvern Instruments and Viscotek are registered trademarks of Malvern Instruments Ltd


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