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New Thermo Scientific Heratherm Heating & Drying Ovens and Microbiological Incubators – safe, easy, efficient

Heratherm IncubatorsThe new range of Thermo Scientific Heratherm benchtop heating and drying ovens, and microbiological incubators has been designed to provide ultimate sample protection; we make maintaining your sample integrity our obsession. There is a choice of General Protocol, Advanced Protocol and Advanced Protocol Security models available as well as a Compact microbiological incubator model - differentiated by various features and benefits to best fit your application requirements. Sizes range from 60 to 180 liters, featuring a small laboratory footprint without compromising on internal capacity.

Heratherm Heating & Drying OvensOur complete portfolio of Heratherm® heating and drying ovens is available with a choice of gravity or mechanical convection. With a focus on energy efficiency, sample safety and ease-of-use, these benchtop ovens maximize capacity while minimizing laboratory footprint, enabling you to make the most of space-restricted laboratories. Special insulation and a heat-decoupled door reduce energy consumption and minimize heat transfer to the environment. All models include an easy-to-use interface, automatic over temperature alarm and data monitoring capabilities. As a result, these ovens meet all laboratory, clinical and industrial heating and drying needs. Our Heratherm® General Protocol ovens are ideal for everyday heating and drying applications, operating up to 250 °C with outstanding temperature stability. Where greater flexibility or temperature accuracy is required, our Heratherm Advanced Protocol ovens operate as high as 330 °C, while providing superior temperature uniformity. Our Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security ovens incorporate an additional under temperature alarm, as well as a lockable door with an alarm, making them ideal for working with precious samples and long-term processes.

Built on the same concept, our Heratherm microbiological incubators were designed with three core principles in mind, sample protection, ease of use, and efficiency.  The user-friendly units feature a small footprint, stackability without the use of tools, an easy-to-clean rounded interior and an intuitive display. With a stainless steel interior, our Heratherm General Protocol incubators use gravity convection to provide superior temperature uniformity, ranging from 5° C above ambient to 75 °C. An advanced microprocessor control and an automatic over temperature alarm ensure that an optimal environment is maintained. Operating from 5 °C above ambient to 105 °C, our Heratherm Advanced Protocol incubators are equipped with unique, dual convection, allowing flexible fan speed setting from 0 - 100 % for application versatility. Our Heratherm Advanced Protocol Security incubators incorporate an over and under temperature alarm, as well as a lockable, alarmed door. The Advanced Protocol Security unit also incorporates an independently certified 140 °C decontamination cycle providing additional peace of mind, ensuring that your incubation environment is free from any potentially contaminating microorganisms. In addition, our Heratherm Compact 18-liter model incorporates Peltier technology to provide temperature conditions around or below ambient for space-restricted labs.

To find out more about how the Thermo Scientific Heratherm range can provide a safe environment for your heating and drying, or microbiological incubation needs, view the product videos at, and

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