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OGT expands CytoSure aCGH offering with high resolution Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy array

Cytosure DMD.jpgOxford, UK – 30 October 2009. Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), the pioneer of microarray-based technologies, has introduced the high resolution CytoSure™ DMD array. Featuring a 4x44k format and dense probe coverage of the DMD gene region, this new array offers increased confidence in detecting deletions and duplications within the DMD gene.

OGT’s bioinformatics expertise together with extensive input from Emory Genetics Laboratory and the array manufacturing precision of Agilent Technologies ensures confidence in quality and performance. The CytoSure DMD array has undergone a process of empirical testing and optimisation to provide probe sets of extremely high sensitivity and specificity. Average exon probe spacing of 10 bp (106 bp within introns) ensures excellent resolution. As a result the entire DMD gene is covered on a single 44,000 feature array, which enables 4 full arrays per slide, maximising cost-efficiency by reducing the cost per sample.

John Anson, Research and Development Director at OGT, stated, “By combining Emory Genetics Laboratory and OGT’s expertise in microarray design we believe that we are bringing a powerful tool to the market that will improve our understanding of the deletions and duplications that can occur within the DMD gene. We hope that the CytoSure DMD array will contribute to a better understanding of the genetic basis of the muscular dystrophies and will ultimately lead to the development of new diagnostic tools and therapeutic approaches.”

The CytoSure DMD array adds to OGT’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services, which together provide a complete solution to running oligo aCGH in the laboratory, from set-up to result. Manual processing and analysis of the CytoSure DMD array is straightforward using the CytoSure DMD array, CytoSure Genomic DNA labelling kit and the comprehensive new CytoSure Interpret Software. For higher throughput applications, the CytoSure DMD array is fully compatible with SciGene workflow automation products (now distributed in Europe by OGT).

For further information, please contact Oxford Gene Technology, Begbroke Science Park,Sandy Lane, Yarnton, Oxford OX5 1PF
T: +44 (0) 1865 856826 ; F: +44 (0) 1865 848684  E:  W

About Oxford Gene Technology
Founded in 1995 by Professor Ed Southern, OGT has a proven pedigree in microarray technology and services. Our mission is to advance molecular medicine through pioneering discovery and application of molecular technologies. OGT’s key focus areas are: high throughput genomic services and biomarker discovery, cytogenetics, single cell analysis, and licensing.
OGT’s genomic services (Genefficiency™) offer a unique combination of industry leading platforms, expert people and unparalleled sample processing power to rapidly deliver high quality genomic data to customers worldwide.
OGT’s products and services for cytogenetics (CytoSure™) include a range of high resolution oligonucleotide arrays, labelling kits and interpretation software that together provide a complete solution for the detection of chromosomal abnormalities.
Together, Genefficiency™ and CytoSure™ offer a unique, standardised and integrated solution for disease and cytogenetics research.

About DMD
Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is an X-linked (Xp21) condition caused by mutations in the DMD gene. It is a relatively common disease affecting an estimated 1 in 3,500 male births and is characterised by progressive muscle degeneration. The DMD gene is one of the largest genes in the human genome (2.2 Mb). Deletions and duplications within the DMD gene lead to muscular dystrophies (MD) and make up 60-70% of cases of Duchenne MD. Until now, it has been difficult to accurately detect and size deletions and duplications within the DMD gene using currently available non-array methods, which do not offer sufficiently high resolution.

The CytoSure DMD array is not available for sale in the U.S.A

This product is provided under an agreement between Agilent Technologies, Inc. and OGT. The manufacture, use, sale or import of this product may be subject to one or more of U.S. patents, pending applications, and corresponding international equivalents, owned by Agilent Technologies, Inc. The purchaser has the non-transferable right to use and consume the product for RESEARCH USE ONLY AND NOT for DIAGNOSTICS PROCEDURES. It is not intended for use, and should not be used, for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of any disease or condition, or for the investigation of any physiological process, in any identifiable human, or for any other medical purpose.

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