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Oxford Nanoimaging Announce the Nanoimager, a Desktop Microscope Delivering Super-Resolution Performance

publication date: Jun 13, 2016
author/source: Oxford Nanoimaging Limited

Oxford Nanoimaging Limited commence manufacturing and selling microscopes offering super-resolution and single-molecule performance to research users.

Nanoimager from Oxford NanoimagingToday, the company announces the launch of its first product, the Nanoimager, a desktop, nanoscale imaging system. 

Developed in the Clarendon Laboratory in the Physics Department at the University of Oxford, Oxford Nanoimaging™ (ONI) announces the release of the exciting desktop fluorescence microscope, the Nanoimager™, to deliver nanoscale resolution imaging of live cells. This innovative approach from the Kapanidis Gene-Machines team aims to democratise the use of powerful single-molecule imaging and super-resolution microscopy technology. With a low cost of entry and ease of use, Nanoimager opens opportunities for nanoscale research without the need for a large, specialist laboratory and without a daunting training and operating burden. 

The Kapanidis group have generated stunning nanoscale images of cellular features with ten times the resolution of conventional fluorescence microscopy. Single-molecule imaging capability enables the understanding of biomolecular processes, one molecule at a time. Going further, as the most advanced commercially available FRET solution, Nanoimager can measure the dynamics of molecular interactions and structural transitions such as detecting the assembly of protein subunits or observing the synthesis of DNA in real-time. 

The Nanoimager microscope unit is just 21 cm x 21 cm x 15 cm. It has been engineered from the bottom up for optimum single-molecule imaging functionality. It may be operated on a regular desk or bench without the need for extra anti-vibration or environmental isolation. The inherently robust design works together with passive dampening elements to reduce vibrations and drift, and real-time focus and sample positioning provides the stability for data collection over many hours. 

The clear and intuitive user interface helps research users new to single-molecule localisation work toward rapid productivity. The large field of view, real-time data analysis features, and high degree of instrument automation enable high-throughput workflows, directly applicable to the wide range of emergent single-molecule screening applications. ONI strives to deliver the most comprehensive data analysis tools to match users’ needs for advanced post-acquisition data analysis. 

Co-inventors, Professor Achillefs Kapanidis and PhD student, Bo Jing, lead the team to break ground in this new approach to super-resolution microscopy, a project with an eight-year heritage. Professor Kapanidis said: “The new microscope can take single-molecule imaging out of physics labs and central facilities and into the hands of the chemist, the biologist, the biotechnologist. It is not only an excellent instrument for super-resolution imaging, but also a versatile, user-friendly toolbox that will help new users innovate with single molecules as their new currency. It will unlock the users’ imagination and creativity. I wish I had this when I was a graduate student.” 

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