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PerkinElmer’s New QSight Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS System Delivers High Sensitivity and Enhanced Productivity for Analytical Labs

publication date: Oct 20, 2016
author/source: PerkinElmer

Torion T-9

PerkinElmer Highlights Innovative Mass Spectrometry and Liquid & Gas Chromatography Technologies for Food, Environmental and Industrial Customers at analytica China

PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, has announced the launch of its new QSight™ Triple Quadrupole LC/MS/MS instrument at a press conference during analytica China, the international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology and diagnostics held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

PerkinElmer’s QSight triple quad system offers patented flow-based mass spectrometry that enables laboratories to test highly complex samples and experience increased throughput.  Combined with PerkinElmer’sAltus® UPLC® instrument, the QSight system offers a complete solution from sample preparation to results and reporting for food, industrial and environmental applications.  For regulatory food safety purposes, the QSight instrument specializes in detecting a wide range of pesticides that are increasingly found in crops.  It can also test foods for mycotoxins and antibiotics as well as analyze veterinary drugs and nutritional components.   

PerkinElmer is also featuring the Torion® T-9 GC/MS,the smallest portable GC/MS available for rapid, on-the-spot analyses outside of the lab in the field.  This portable system is fully self-contained, weighs only 32 pounds, can operate under harsh conditions, and is rechargeable-battery operated.  First responders, including hazmat teams, police, fire and bomb squads, can carry this instrument out into the field to rapidly screen chemicals such as volatiles and semivolatiles in air, water and soil, explosives, chemical threats, and hazardous substances.  The Torion system can also be used in industrial and workplace environmental applications.

“We are excited to introduce our QSight technology and showcase our TorionT-9 system, as well as to highlight our wide range of advanced analytical solutions with this global audience of environmental researchers from throughout Asia and across the world,” said Jim Corbett, Executive Vice President and President, Discovery & Analytical Solutions, PerkinElmer.  “Our offerings help customers gain fast and critical insights into important environmental issues to protect our food supply, ensure cleaner air, soil and water, provide critical data during hazardous situations, and comply with continually evolving regulations.”

Avio™ 200 ICP-OES: (recently launched) the industry’s most compact ICP-OES designed for efficient multi-elemental inorganic analysis. This technology helps laboratory professionals running inorganic analyses who face an expanding range of sample types to test difficult, high-matrix samples without the need for dilution. The Avio 200 system can be used for a wide range of applications including nutrient analysis for nutritional labeling.

Perten® RVA 4500 Rapid Visco Analyzer: an ingredient performance analyzer that measures viscosity under programmable, variable temperature and shear. The RVA 4500 instrument screens ingredients at intake to keep non-performing materials from entering production. It determines processing characteristics of dairy stabilizers, starches, flours, extruded products, cooked foods, and feeds. The RVA 4500 system measures characteristics such as pasting temperature, pasting time, and gel strength, and can provide a product fingerprint to identify acceptable and non-performing materials. 

Delta LactoScope™ FTIR Advanced (FTA) Milk Analyzer: an FTIR spectrometer designed specifically for the measurement of liquid milk. It measures fat, protein, lactose, casein, density, true protein, NPN/calculated urea, and pH.

Perten® DA 7250 NIR Analyzer:a diode array based NIR instrument optimized for testing food and agricultural products. It analyzes grains, flakes, pellets, powders, pastes, slurries and liquids with little or no sample prep required.  It measures constituents such as moisture, protein, fat, ash, starch, and others – simultaneously – in six seconds.  Available factory calibrations cover a wide variety of products and parameters and are built from a global database of hundreds of thousands of samples.

PinAAcle® 900T Atomic Absorption Spectrometer: a fully-integrated, flame-only atomic absorption (AA) spectrometer ideal for labs needing an easy-to-use, high-performance flame AA for single element nutrient analysis. Featuring a touch-screen interface with the flexibility to operate via its Syngistix Touch™ or Syngistix™ for AA software, the PinAAcle 900 spectrometer can be coupled with the FAST Flame™ sample automation accessory, providing the lowest cost-per-element flame AA.

NexION® 350 ICP-MS: an atomic spectroscopy product operating on PerkinElmer's Syngistix™ for ICP-MS software. The NexION 350 instrument is designed to enable greater efficiencies in elemental analyses, delivering the most accurate characterization of nanoparticles available in the marketplace.  Syngistix for ICP-MS Software, a proprietary workflow-based platform, features an intuitive interface and automated method setup tools for faster, more efficient implementation.

TGA 8000™ Thermogravimetric Analyzer: provides scientists with advanced analysis capabilities for materials characterization in polymers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food. Its applications include identifying harmful chemicals in soil, quantitating components in polymers, determining leachables that may contaminate a product's packaging, and identifying phthalates in PVC samples.

 Clarus® SQ 8 GC/MS: an instrument delivering reliable throughput and productivity for applications which require extreme sensitivity such as environmental and food testing. It is designed around Clarifi™ technology, a highly sensitive GC/MS detector which uses electron technology to provide sensitivity and longer operational lifetime. Its SMARTSource™ technology provides unprecedented access, ease of use, and maintenance, resulting in increased uptime and reduced operating costs.

Spotlight™ FT-IR Microscopy Systems:designed for scientists specializing in materials, pharmaceuticals, academia, forensics, biomedical and biomaterials whose samples demand higher sensitivity and simpler analyses and workflows. The systems perform tasks ranging from automated setup to complete characterization in rapid time, while delivering quick, high-quality results. Their applications include: polymer characterization, identification of contaminants in the manufacturing process, detection of microplastic particles in cosmetics, and analysis of automobile paint chips.

The Spectrum Two™ system combines performance and low-maintenance design and is suited for everyday use regardless of user skill level.

Spotlight™ 200i FT-IR system: designed to generate high-quality, reproducible data from a variety of sample types.

LAMBDA™ 465 and LAMBDA™ 950 UV/Vis Systems:benchtop-friendly UV/Vis instruments offering a variety of spectral bandwidths to accommodate a wide range of analytical functions related to materials testing, QA/QC and R&D. Lab professionals in environmental, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries can use these instruments for water and soil contamination testing, food color analysis, DNA/protein quantification, and academic teaching and research.

EnSight™ Multimode Plate Reader: the first benchtop system to offer well imaging together with label-free and labeled detection technologies, enabling researchers the ability to compare and combine results from orthogonal assays using a range of technologies to make new findings on a single, flexible and upgradeable system.

OneSource® Laboratory Services: a global team of certified, factory-trained customer support engineers that help reduce lab complexities and increase efficiencies. OneSource laboratory services include information services, compliance, asset informatics and analytics, lab relocation, scientific services and multivendor instrument service and repair.

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