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Simplify Connections in Your GC

GC Connections CoverSGE Analytical Science has introduced a range of GC connections that offer these advantages over other connectors, press-fits, splitters and ferrules: 

  • Chemically inert
  • Superb operational stability 
  • Low dead volume 
  • Easy to install and leak free

New SilTiteTM µ-union simplifies connecting guard columns or columns when using GCxGC.  SilFlowTM microchannel device enables maximum chromatography performance when column switching and splitting, back flushing and performing multidimensional GC. SilTiteTM FingerTite Ferrules allow finger tightening avoiding the use of tools and achieve a perfect seal.

SGE's range of GC Connections is designed to minimize time spent on installation and deliver these enhanced chromatography features:

  • Chemically inert

Enabled by SGE's expertise in surface chemistry, each metal surface is treated to ensure optimized chromatography.

  • Superb operational stability

SGE's GC Connections are manufactured from high grade stainless steel, and have minimal thermal mass, ensuring there is minimal thermal lag during use. This also means there is no practical limit to their maximum temperature; the only limitation is the temperature rating of the GC column.

  • Low dead volume

SilTiteTM FingerTite and SilFlowTM FingerTite ferrules used in SGE GC Connections result in low dead volume fittings, giving you optimal peak shapes.

  • Easy to install and leak free

SGE's GC Connections are designed with FingerTite fittings that are easy to set up and can be tightened using finger force to achieve a reliable seal, even for the most sensitive MS systems - no wrenches required!

SilTiteTM μ-Union

This tiny connector will make a big difference to your chromatography!  SilTiteTM μ-union is a connector for GC Capillary columns for example when connecting a pre-column or a guard column, or when using GCxGC.  Low thermal mass: 9 mm in length and mass <0.5 g.  Available in kits to connect a range of columns from 0.1 mm ID through to 0.53 mm ID.  The SilTiteTM μ-union is fitted as standard when you order a SGE GC Capillary column with integrated guard (5 m).  Contact SGE for ordering details.

SilFlowTM Microchannel Devices

SilFlowTM micro fluidic platform enables maximum chromatography performance. Common uses include column switching and splitting, back flushing, GC x GC.  SilFlowTM microchannel device (MCD) available as 3 and 4 port GC splitters and a Deans' switch MCD, perfect for multidimensional analyses and comprehensive chromatography.  SilFlowTM Kits include all items required to get started:  MCD, SilTiteTM FingerTite tool, mounting bracket and appropriately sized ferrules, nuts and blanking ferrules.  Compatible deactivated tubing is also available.

SilTiteTM FingerTite Injector and Detector Ferrules

SilTiteTM FingerTite is the next generation ferrule system for gas chromatography available for Agilent, Thermo, PerkinElmer, Bruker/Varian and Shimadzu systems.  These ferrules simplify GC column installation and reduce background noise in sensitive MS applications.  SilTiteTM FingerTite ferrules require a unique adapter to enable the finger force connection.   Purchase the starter kit with corresponding adapters for your system, complete a one off 5 minute installation and you are ready to go!  Available in injector / detector or detector only kits.

For more information and applications visit or contact

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