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Biotecnica expands its catalog with new EndoLow

publication date: Nov 5, 2021
author/source: Biotecnica


Biotecnica, a leading manufacturer of peptones has launched a new line of low endotoxin peptones that do not require ultrafiltration.

EndoLow® Peptones are the next generation of peptones developed to meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry for the production of medications, vaccines, and diagnostic products. They provide a rich source of nitrogen, vitamins, and carbohydrates and enhance cell growth in culture media.

EndoLow Peptones maintain optimal levels of amino acids, polypeptides and carbohydrates, while minimizing endotoxin levels, preserving all growth factors that are vital for culture development. This new generation of peptones improves cell density and recombinant protein production in cell culture and microbiological fermentation processes.

3 types of EndoLow Peptones are currently available: EndoLow Casein Peptone, EndoLow Meat Peptone (Bovine) and EndoLow Soy Peptone – which is developed with raw materials certified as non-GMO and animal-free.

Studies conducted by Biotecnica’s R&D department show cells grown in media containing EndoLow peptones achieve greater cell density when compared to media prepared with ultrafiltered peptones.

A LAL test for endotoxin level is conducted on every EndoLow Peptone lot to ensure levels are below 200 EU/gr, exceeding industry specifications for ultrafiltered peptones.

Gonzalo Bautista, Head of RD at Biotecnica commented: “As a leading manufacturer of biological raw materials for the production of high-quality culture media, including peptones, extracts, infusions and other raw materials of animal and vegetable origin, Biotecnica is well placed to deliver innovations such as this new range of peptones to the global bioprocessing market. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the biopharmaceutical industry in the spotlight and we look forward to supporting our customers with the highest quality peptones as they contine to develop the next generation of medication, vaccines and diagnostics.”


About Biotecnica

Founded in 1982, Biotecnica is one of the leading  manufacturers of biological raw materials for the production of high-quality culture media, such as peptones, extracts, infusions and other raw materials of animal and vegetable origin. Biotecnica’s products provide a rich source of nitrogen and carbon designed for the cultivation of bacterial and fungal microorganisms in addition to cell culture for BioPharma industrial processes. They are used worldwide by leading culture media manufacturers and are acknowledged for their consistently superior quality.

Located in Oaxaca, Mexico, Biotecnica Internacional has over 5000m2 of facilities, including manufacturing areas, warehouse offices and laboratories built on a tract of land larger than 12.000 m2 with capacity for expansion.



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