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Launch of a new powerful chemometrics platform that transforms complex data into meaningful results

publication date: Oct 20, 2020
author/source: Markes International Ltd


SepSolve Analytical launches a new powerful chemometrics platform that transforms complex data into meaningful results

  • Easy-to-use chemometrics platform for comparing multiple chromatograms and extracting useful insights into the constituents present.
  • ChromCompare+ works with a wide range of file formats for both GC and GC×GC–MS.
  • Allows analysts to simplify data analysis using automated, untargeted workflows, discover hidden differences between sample classes, account for retention time drifts using automated alignment of chromatograms & use prediction models to automatically classify unknown samples.


Sepsolve Analytical Ltd has announced the launch of a ground-breaking new addition to its software suite: ChromCompare+™ is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, chemometrics platform for comparing multiple GC and GC×GC chromatograms and extracting useful insights into the constituents that are present. Crucially, it offers the flexibility to process data from a broad range of GC and GC-MS platforms.

“I am confident that ChromCompare+ is the final piece of the puzzle for discovery workflows,” says Laura McGregor, SepSolve’s Product Marketing Manager. “Our innovative approach means we can reduce the risk of missing important differences between sample classes, and allow users to automatically classify unknown samples – without having to be experts in statistics”.

This is particularly valuable in discovery workflows, such as clinical research, food and beverage authenticity or fragrance profiling, when analysts don’t know the important differences between sample classes, so must investigate all components, often within complex matrices. Dr McGregor explains: “ChromCompare+ allows maximum analytical information to be automatically extracted from the raw data and filtered down to the most significant differences between samples. This not only reduces the risk of trace peaks being ignored, it also minimises the need for error-prone and time-consuming manual processing, thereby increasing the reliability of the entire data processing protocol, from start to finish.”

Andy Hardwick, Commercial Director of SepSolve’s parent company, Schauenburg Analytics Ltd, comments: “We believe that ChromCompare+ offers the ultimate in discovery workflow chemometrics. Furthermore, combining it with the enhanced separation offered by SepSolve’s INSIGHT® GC×GC flow modulator and highly-sensitive detection by BenchTOF™ time-of-flight mass spectrometers, means you can gain even greater insight into sample compositions, resulting in faster yet deeper, more comprehensive, end-to-end analysis.”

SepSolve Analytical is the sister company of Markes International. Together, the two companies form a network of Schauenburg Analytics technical centres around the world, serving the needs of customers not just through the provision of instrumentation and equipment, but also through their combined knowledge base and partnerships developed with academic institutions.


Video - An introduction to ChromCompare+, a new powerful chemometrics platform for GC & GC–MS



learn more about ChromCompare+


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