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opus titration - Precision at the push of a button.

Titration processes which are saved once can be repeatedly reactivated at the push of a button. This provides relief during routine laboratory tasks and increases the reliability of results

Motorised titration enables the achievement of minimum droplet size

Hirschmann opus dispenser

You select the desired volume, and this is then delivered under motorized power at the push of a button. Titration of individual droplets can be achieved by pushing the button, thus contributing to enhanced precision. The titration impulse triggered by the motor allows opus® to achieve a droplet break-up which permits realisation of output volumes from as little as 10 μl, enabling precision determination during titration. 

Automation ensures reproducible results

Regardless of who pushes the button: the electrical drive and electronic control ensure that titration is always realised with same dynamics. Inaccurate results caused by manual operation or parallax errors are ruled out.

Intelligent unit concept enhances efficiency

Saving of routine processes, direct data import on the PC, timesaving, rapid titration with subsequent fine titration

opus® titration and opus® dispenser 10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml

  • Maximum regularity and precision during dispensing and titration
  • Cleaning and dismantling of parts conveying medium is simple, precise and speedy
  • Inert materials ensure chemical resistance, enhance functional reliability and enable working with a variety of different media
  • Light protection window for light sensitive media included in delivery
  • Individual calibration enables working with media of the most diverse densities and viscosity and ensures reliability of results, even where varying ambient conditions prevail
  • Electronic control and motorized volume dispensing ensure reproducible results - absolutely independent of the user
  • Variable selection of suctioning and dispensing possible, enabling media flexibility and optimized adaptation to individual dispensing and titration tasks
  • Intuitive control via touchscreen - with a sophisticated menu guide enabling simple, rapid and reliable control without time-consuming product training

User-independent and efficient

The user controls the entire process via the touchscreen: from volume configuration to triggering of the procedure. The volume is displayed with selective resolutions up to the second or third decimal place.

opus® dispenser - Increased productivity and maximum reliability of results.

You can configure settings on the display, start dispensing: at the push of a button and opus® will take care of the rest: the volume is electronically controlled and dispensed with the aid of a motor. You can repeat this process up to 9999 times - with the first results as accurate as all subsequent operations 

Motorized dispensing ensures reproducible results

Regardless of the size of volume to be delivered, the viscosity of the medium or whoever pushes the button: the electronic drive ensures that dispensing is always realised with mechanical precision. Inaccuracies in dispensed volumes caused by manual operation are ruled out. 

Quality materials ensure enduring functional reliability

Use of superior materials (e.g. fluoroplastics) makes opus® an extremely robust dispenser which can be utilised in a very broad range of applications.

Automation enhances efficiency

User-friendliness, functional reliability, serial dispensing, integration in automated processes, maximum reliability of results.

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