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Jul 13, 2017 - In Vitro Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases and Oncology Conference

start date: Jul 13, 2017


In Vitro Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases and Oncology Conference

Thursday, July 13 2017 at 09:00

Friday, July 14 2017 at 17:00

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Recent advancements in diagnostics for infectious diseases and oncology are clear indicators of potential of IVD industry. The new scope of mass spectrometry, condition-specific biomarkers and NGS with advances in genomics and proteomics are tending to growing preference for rapid diagnostics, early detection and point-of-care testing.

In Vitro Diagnostics: Infectious Diseases and Oncology Conference to be held on13th -14th July 2017 in Philadelphia, USA aims to bring different stakeholders together from hospitals, laboratories academic institutes and IVD industry leaders to discuss about the emerging technologies and potential growth of molecular diagnostics and challenges faced in point-of-care testing. Keynote presentations, Brainstorming Panel Discussions and Case studies will give the stakeholders an opportunity to discuss and understand the issues faced.

Key Highlights:

• Regulations for laboratory developed testing

• Molecular diagnostics for various cancer and Rapid diagnostics

• Use of Host based genomic biomarkers for diagnostics

• Circulating tumor cell and mutations for early detection

• Point of care testing - new scenarios

• Antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance

• Bioinformatics & NGS application in diagnosis of critical infections

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