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Kern & Sohn GmbH

Kern & Sohn GmbH

Kern & Sohn GmbH


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  Gnome far from home in Global Gravity Experiment Kern the gnome at the South PoleYou would weigh more at the South Pole than at the equator, or even in the UK. That's the scientific theory proven by a globe-trotting gnome called Kern who has just made it to the pole in the latest leg of a worldwide gravity experiment. In a scientific twist to the well-known Travelling Gnome Prank, the Gnome Experiment's aim is to bring together scientists, schools and the general public in a global investigation into gravity...


  High-end analytical balance with an innovative single-cell weighing system for extremely precise weighing results to a tolerance of 0,00001 g This extremely precise series of analytical balances is equipped with the innovative KERN single-cell weighing system. Thanks to the fully automatic manufacture of the weighing cell made from one piece of material stable temperature behaviour, a short stabilisation time, a high degree of mechanical robustness as well as a high corner load performance has been attained.





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