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Cerno Bioscience

Cerno Bioscience

14 Commerce Dr.
CT 06810
United States
Tel: +1 203-312-1150

Cerno Bioscience is a new privately funded company, dedicated to the practical application of modern mathematical techniques to Mass Spectrometry for the purpose of improving the quality, accuracy, and reliability of MS analysis. Founded and staffed by a team with over 80 years’ experience in the fields of instrumentation, mathematical data processing, life science applications and biotech business development, Cerno Bioscience is confident that its methodologies can provide significant improvements to all types of MS data. Cerno Bioscience has developed unique, patented technologies that can expand, enhance and greatly extend the utility of mass spectrometry in a number of established and evolving application areas including proteomics, quantitative and qualitative analysis for drug discovery and development and metabonomics. The technologies developed by Cerno Bioscience dramatically improve the amount of information obtainable from, and reduce the amount of time required on, many MS experiments.

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