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  New CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 – Identification and Confirmation of Substances in Research and Routine Analysis by Hyphenation of HPTLC with MS

CAMAG, the world’s leading manufacturer of HPTLC equipment, today announced the worldwide availability of the new CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2, the second generation of its module for the pioneering concept of hyphenating HPTLC with mass spectrometry.

TLC MS InterfaceWhile the visual appearance remains virtually unchanged, the CAMAG TLC-MS Interface 2 features a modified elution head and an easily accessible, exchangeable filter, arranged in front of the valve. Cleaning is facilitated as compared to the previous version, making it highly efficient. By pushing a button, the elution path is cleaned of matrix particles with compressed air, increasing the lifetime of the filter and preventing the system...


  visionCATS 2.0 – next generation software for qualitative and quantitative HPTLC analysis

visionCATS stands for ease of use and intuitive simplicity.

visionCATSThe new software organizes the workflow of HPTLC and controls all involved CAMAG instruments. The easy-to-navigate user interface guides effectively through the chromatographic process - from analysis definition to analysis reporting. As state-of-the-art software, visionCATS is based on a client-server system offering enormous flexibility to the number of instruments and users that are working together and enabling access to the same data for all members of a work group.


  visionCATS – next generation HPTLC software from CAMAG

CAMAG today announced the worldwide availability of a new version of its visionCATS HPTLC software (V1.4).

visionCATS_data view and methods libraryWith visionCATS CAMAG have developed a state-of-the-art software for qualitative HPTLC analysis that supports chromatographers who use HPTLC for quality control, identification, and detection of adulteration, as well as stability studies in various fields of application. Besides giving visionCATS a new Look and Feel, CAMAG have implemented several useful tools, i.e. a clipboard function or annotations integration into reports, that make every HPTLC analysts life easier...


  New CAMAG TLC Scanner The CAMAG TLC-ScannerCAMAG presents the 4th generation of its TLC Scanner. Signal to noise ratio was improved, spectral range extended: 190 - 900 nm. In combination with winCATS software the new TLC Scanner features rapid and precise measurement and evaluation of HPTLC chromatograms.


  NEW CAMAG TLC-MS Interface CAMAG TLC-MS Interface - Easy and quick extraction into a mass spectrometer!





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