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  ASIR Purification system from Dynamic Extractions Standard Impurity isolation – Triphenylphospine oxide removal from crude reaction mixture Spectrum HPCCC instrumentIn medicinal chemistry a challenging aspect to preparing compounds for testing, as lead molecules, can be their isolation from the crude reaction mixture that may contain catalysts, salts, metals, and other components which interfere with traditional purification methods. One such problematic compound is triphenylphosphine oxide (TPPO). TPPO is notoriously difficult and time consuming to remove using standard solid phase chromatography methods. In this example a standard HPCCC method has been developed that targets TPPO, regardless of the compound of interest's polarity...


  Orthogonal preparative scale liquid chromatography now available at the laboratory bench Liquid chromatography innovator Dynamic Extractions Ltd offer the Midi High Performance Countercurrent Chromatography (HPCCC) instrument


  Solving the problem of HPLC throughput constraints imposed by limited sample solubility

Leading liquid chromatography innovator Dynamic Extractions has recently extended its range of HPCCC instruments by adding the Spectrum HPCCC.




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