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Alpha Laboratories Ltd.

Alpha Laboratories Ltd.

Alpha Laboratories Ltd.


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All articles from Alpha Laboratories Ltd.

  Strategic Partnership will bring New Developments in UN3373 Compliant Sample Packaging Solutions

Alpha Laboratories Ltd. (Eastleigh, UK) and shuttlepac Ltd. (Telford, UK) are delighted to announce that they have established an exclusive distribution partnership, in the UK and Ireland, that will bring new developments in UN3373 sample packaging solutions. Alpha Laboratories’ expertise in UN3373 compliance has, over many years, supported users in the healthcare and diagnostics arena, to develop compliant packaging systems for the transport of clinical samples from patient to laboratory....


  Helping You Stay Comfortable and COVID Secure

New Range of CE Certified Face Visors and Type II Masks with Introductory 10% Savings. Alpha Laboratories now supplies personal protective equipment, including CE certified safety visors and Type II standard face masks which are suitable for use in a wide variety of healthcare roles and non-healthcare settings. Both our visors and masks are perfect for protecting the wearer from inward inhalation of aerosol droplets that may carry COVID-19 or other virus particles...


  Improved Nucleic Acid Isolation

The QuickGene series of instruments and kits from Alpha Laboratories provides a novel, innovate method for DNA and RNA extraction from a vast number of sample types, all without the need for strong centrifugation steps, or centrifugation at all.  Improve workflow and remove the danger of unbalanced centrifuges and the hassle of overbooked machines...


  Go Mobile with the New Gene Explorer Thermal Cycler

With its smart, modern design and host of functionality the brand-new Gene Explorer PCR machine is the perfect addition to your molecular biology laboratory. Plus, now you can monitor your applications, wherever you are, with the remote user interface, via mobile phone App. The new and improved instrument touch screen makes programming and running the system easy for first-time users and efficient for long-time users....


  Shift to Paradigm™ Low-Retention Tips

Paradigm tips administer a virtually clean sample release, guaranteeing that you’ll spend minimal time waiting for the last drop to fall from the tip. Maintain complete control, even when you’re working with smaller volumes, without compromising the accuracy of your pipetting. The innovation begins with a proprietary resin that ensures the sample will not bind to the tip so it is dispensed completely...


  Caring for Your Pipettes and Your Science

As one of the most widely used pieces of laboratory equipment this is critical for pipettes. In partnership with Sartorius, Alpha Laboratories now brings you a choice of internationally recognised expert pipette calibration services that you can trust and rely on. The combined scope of knowledge expands beyond Sartorius and Alpha instruments to directly provide all calibration needs, including other manufacturers’ brand equipment, giving you a single point of service for all your pipettes....


  Fastrak® and ZAP™ – Growing Greener Together

FatrakBack in 2009 the first seed of Alpha Laboratories’ tree planting scheme Laboratree was sown. Thanks to the dedicated LaboraTree members who have been collecting tokens from their pipette tip packs, over 1,500 trees have now been planted across the country and are helping make a difference to our environment. To celebrate 10 years, Alpha Laboratories has introduced an extra way to collect tokens and plant more trees.....


  IATA Compliant Transport for Streck Cell-free DNA Blood Collection Tubes

Cell-Free DNA BCTsStreckCell-Free DNA BCT® CE blood collection tubes allow isolation of high-quality cell-free DNA (cfDNA) for use in a wide range of applications such as non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and liquid biopsies. Available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, they contain a unique preservative that stabilises nucleated blood cells and prevents the release of genomic DNA (gDNA). Blood samples often need to be transported...


  Reduce Your Costs for Biological Sample Transport

SpeciSafe®How do you package your send-away pathology samples? Are you spending too much time and money on packaging your samples correctly? If you are currently wrapping tubes and using boxes to transport samples by courier or Royal Mail, this could be costing you a lot more and taking much longer than necessary. The Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations require patient specimens and other biological samples to be transported according to UN3373 Biological Substance Category B, P650 Packaging Instruction...


  New Website to Support Your Biological Sample Transport Compliance

new website from Alpha LaboratoriesDo you send away human or animal samples such as blood, urine, faeces or tissue for diagnostic, research or clinical trials purposes? Are you aware of the specific packaging requirements necessary for legal compliance with the UN3373 regulation for transport of these category B biological materials? Now, a new website....


  A Valuable New Information Resource for Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) for Bowel Cancer Detection

A new dedicated website has been developed by Alpha Laboratories Ltd. to raise awareness amongst clinicians, laboratories, patients and the public, about advances in the detection of colorectal cancer using the faecal immunochemical test (FIT). You can find out all about why FIT is being adopted by the bowel cancer screening programmes and is also now recommended by...


  Protect Your Samples from Acidification When Shipped On Dry Ice

The new ProtectRtubes, now available from Alpha Laboratories, have the only container closure system engineered to be CO2 resistant.

dry iceThis prevents costly damage to molecular and cellular solutions when shipping or storing samples on dry ice. Standard centrifuge tubes do not provide a reliable barrier against CO2 and evenduring short term dry ice storage can result in acidification of samples, with a decrease in pH by as much as 2.5 pH units....


  New Advanced Pipetting Academy Makes You a Pipetting Master

For many years Alpha Laboratories and Sartorius have delivered a popular training programme covering correct pipetting techniques, the ergonomic use of pipettes, plus basic service and maintenance of pipettes in everyday laboratory use.

Advanced Pipetting AcademyUser feedback has now led to the development of the Advanced Pipetting Academy™ to address the unique requirements of individual laboratories. The new Advanced Pipetting Academy™ is an ISO9001 and ISO 13485 accredited training programme....


  New Partnership for Biological Sample Transport Solutions

Specialist Laboratory and Diagnostics supply company Alpha Laboratories Ltd. is delighted to announce that it has been appointed the exclusive UK distributor for MedDX Solutions Ltd.

David Giles, Chairman of Alpha Laboratories Ltd. (Left) confirms the distributor agreement with Richard Senior – MD, MedDX Solutions LtdThis partnership will further strengthen the range of solutions provided for biological sample collection and transportation, which ensure compliance with UN3373 and P650 packaging regulations. Chris Easton, Sales and Marketing Director for Alpha Laboratories’ Laboratory Products Division says...


  Strategic Partnership for New Bladder Cancer Diagnostic Test in the UK

Alpha Laboratories delighted to have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Arquer Diagnostics Ltd in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Arquer (Sunderland, UK) is an in-vitro diagnostic company developing breakthrough diagnostic tests for the detection of bladder and prostate cancer.

David Giles, Chairman of Alpha Laboratories Ltd. confirms the distributor agreement with Nadia Whittley, Arquer CEOIts non-invasive cancer diagnostic tests are based on the MCM5 (minichromosome maintenance protein) platform. The first Arquer product is ADXBLADDER, a bladder cancer diagnostic test, and a number of clinical trials are running to validate many other indications....


  Safe, Easy Serum Vial Transport System

New Single Serum (or Paediatric Blood Tube) Pack Extends SpeciSafe® Range

New Single SerumSpeciSafe® secondary packaging containers provide a safe, convenient and economical solution for UN3373 compliant mailing of biological and clinical specimens. The extensive range includes solutions for screw cap microtubes, vacuum blood collection tubes, cryovials, Universal and Bijou containers, plus swabs/transport tubes....


  A NEW Range of Peak Performance Plate Seals

Ensure your samples are protected under harsh conditions with eXTReme™ plate sealing films and foils, now available from Alpha Laboratories.

eXTReme sealingThey provide an excellent seal to minimise sample evaporation and reduce well-to-well contamination. Ideal for PCR and storage, eXTReme sealing film offers high performance across the temperature range of -40C to +120C, and eXTReme FoilSeal™ from -80C to +120C. Both feature a specially formulated adhesive, compatible with all plate materials and especially suited for polycarbonate and dual component PCR plates...


  Next Generation Nano Injection

New Nanoject III™ - Now Even Lower Volumes, Wider Versatility and Easier to Use

Drummond Nanoject IIThe Drummond Nanoject II is widely used for microinjection into model organisms such as Drosophila melanogaster, Mosquito and Zebrafish. It is also used for injection into single cell models such as Xenopus oocytes and cultured primary cells. The next generation Nanoject III, now available from Alpha Laboratories Ltd....


  Compliant Air Transport for Biological Samples

IATA standard 95kPa Flexible Secondary Pouches for the safe air transport of biological samples are now available from Alpha Laboratories.

Transportation of biological specimensThese form part of the wide range of convenient and cost effective sample packaging materials that help ensure your UN3373 compliance. The IATA pouches are ideal for sample containers with unknown pressure resistance or that are not 95kPa certified...


  gRAD OneDetection Puts Flexible Assay Development in Your Hands

Faster and easier development of your own customised lateral flow assays is now possible with the new generic Rapid Assay Device (gRAD) kits from BioPorto, available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories. 

gRAD OneDetectionThis open, flexible, versatile platform is NOT analyte dependent and gives you total control to customise the assay using your chosen antibodies.  It offers you endless possibilities and applications by enabling creation of lateral flow assays tailored to your needs, in a very short time. gRAD OneDetection is an optimised generic lateral flow strip that is configured with both a test line, where a biotinylated capture antibody will bind...


  Safe, Compliant Mailing for Larger Sample Volumes

Do you need to mail samples of fluids in volumes up to 120ml?

SpeciSafe packsSpeciSafe® secondary packaging containers provide a safe, convenient and economical solution for compliant mailing of biohazardous and clinical specimens. The extensive SpeciSafe range includes solutions for screw cap microtubes, serum vials, vacuum blood collection tubes, cryovials, Bijou containers, swabs/transport tubes, universal containers and is now extended to include a pack to seal...


  Automated Faecal Immunochemical Testing

HM-JACKarc System Provides A Cost Effective Alternative to Colonoscopy 

HM-JACKarc System Quantitative Faecal Immunochemical Testing (FIT) demonstrates greater sensitivity and specificity for faecal haemoglobin (f-Hb) than guaiac based tests. Increased concentrations of  f-Hb are indicative of greater risk of pathology for cancers and high risk adenomas. The Kyowa Medex HM-JACKarc, available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, is an automated FIT system suitable for both screening and symptomatic patient...


  Revolutionising the Study of Protein Phosphorylation

New Phos-tag™ Acrylamide Gels for Commonly Used Gel Tanks

Phos-tag SuperSep pre-cast acrylamide gel rangeUsers of Bio-Rad™ mini-PROTEAN® tetra cell and Life Technologies™ XCell SureLock® mini-cell electrophoresis tanks, can now harness the power of Phos-tag™, with the latest additions to the Phos-tag SuperSep pre-cast acrylamide gel range. The new gels, designed for compatibility with these specific commonly used tanks, offer a fast and simple way to separate phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated proteins by SDS-PAGE, by reducing the migration speed...


  New Tacta Pipettes Ensure Optimal Care for You and Your Science

The New Tacta premium pipette range, now available from Alpha Laboratories, has been carefully designed in response to user requirements for an extremely high performance, reliable and ergonomic instrument.

New Tacta premium pipette rangeTacta is so light and comfortable to use and has so many features to help make pipetting that much easier. It meets the most demanding pipetting requirements, delivering consistent and accurate results time after time whilst providing optimal user safety and experience. Tacta rests lightly in your hand, thanks to its ergonomically designed handle and finger hook, for a relaxed hold that feels great. Effortless to use, it eases your workload and...


  Picus NxT Electronic Pipettes for Compliance, Comfort and Convenienc

Inheriting the superior design of the award-winning Picus®, together with its added certification and novel safety features, the Picus® NxT electronic pipette ensures conformance to the strictest laboratory regulations.

Picus® NxT Electronic PipettesErgonomically crafted, it is very comfortable to hold and extremely light, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Available from Alpha Laboratories, Picus NxT speeds up your work and helps you to achieve accurate results time after time. With its advanced programmability, security, calibration and traceability features, Picus NxT is the ideal pipette for complete compliance in the controlled laboratory.


  New Alpha Laboratories Website: Designed and Built to Meet Scientists' Needs

Following a customer survey, the Alpha Laboratories website has now been completely re-developed and launched on an advanced, fully responsive e-commerce platform.

alpha laboratoriesThe modern design and functionality incorporates many of the suggestions received from users, to bring a much easier, more informative and enjoyable online experience. See it now, live at Built to meet scientists needs, the new website includes intuitive mega menu navigation across the full range of Laboratory, Diagnostic and Research products. Detailed content is presented in an easy to use tabbed format...


  Spinning in the Middle with New 5ml Midi Centrifuge Tubes

Spinning in the Middle with New 5ml Midi Centrifuge Tubes

5ml conical base Midi Centrifuge TubeIf you’re looking for that intermediate volume option between microcentrifuge tubes and 15ml centrifuge tubes then look no further! Alpha Laboratories has the perfect solution – the NEW 5ml conical base Midi Centrifuge Tube. The shorter height of the tube provides increased protection against contamination as long pipette barrels do not need to be inserted into the tube when aspirating or dispensing samples. Featuring an easy-to-open, flat, frosted cap and a large frosted writing...


  New Versatile Biological Sample Mailing Packs

UN3373 Compliant Packaging for all Container Types 

Absorbent Sheets, Flexible Secondary 95kPa Pouches, Rigid Outer Containers and Security LabelsDo you need to post Biological Samples? Getting things safely through the post can be problematic, so packing and mailing of patient samples needs careful handling and adherence to regulations. The new Biological Sample Mailing Packs from Alpha Laboratories offer an easy, UN3373 compliant and flexible solution for transporting all types of laboratory sample containers by road transport and postage services. Choose from a complete...


  Perfect Partners for Excellent ELISAs

New Matched Antibody Pairs

matched antibody pairSetting up your own high quality, customised immunoassay solutions just became quicker, easier and more cost-effective. The new range of distinctive, top-quality, pre-matched capture and detection antibody pairs manufactured by BioPorto is now available from Alpha Laboratories. Each pair consists of a capture antibody and biotinylated detection antibody, custom matched to provide the best results and give you confidence in the quality of your assay...


  Supplying Quality to Science Since 1975 Celebrating - 40 Years

Alpha Laboratories celebrates 40 years of providing support to UK and international scientists.

alpha laboratoriesThe company remains today, as always, a family run business with the same vision and ethos, whilst continuing to focus on customer needs and ever changing technologies. Whilst working with a multinational diagnostics company, Chairman David Giles became the catalyst behind Alpha Laboratories’ formation in 1975. It is now a journey which spans four decades of biotechnical innovation. He says, “We have developed by not only looking...


  Safe, Easy Specimen Transport System

New Triple Universal Pack Extends SpeciSafe® Range

SpeciSafe packsSpeciSafe® secondary packaging containers provide a safe, convenient and economical solution for compliant mailing of biohazardous and clinical specimens. The extensive SpeciSafe range includes solutions for screw cap microtubes, serum vials, vacuum blood collection tubes, cryovials, Bijou containers, swabs/transport tubes and is now extended to include a pack to seal 3 Universal containers in addition to the original single Universal pack...


  Fantastic Fluorescence for Clinical Microbiology

Clear, bright broad spectrum illumination – without the mercury! 

 CoolLEDThere’s now a better and safer alternative to a high-pressure mercury or metal-halide light source for fluorescence microscopy. Available from Alpha Laboratories, the pE-300white unit from CoolLED offers broad spectrum LED illumination for general use in fluorescence applications. With a comprehensive range of microscope adaptors, it can easily be fitted to most microscopes, old or new, providing a safe, convenient and economical illumination system...


  Contamination-free, Stress-free Multidispensing

New Ripette® PRO Postive Displacement Repeater Pipette

Ripette PROAchieving accurate, precise dispensing of volatile or viscous fluids using conventional air displacement pipettes is difficult. If you have to do that repeatedly for multiple steps it can be extremely frustrating. The new Ripette® PRO repeat dispenser solves the problem. It also offers improved safety and eliminates contamination when handling hazardous or sensitive materials. Using dispenser tips with a plunger, the Ripette PRO is protected from...


  New Philisa ampC ID Kit Identifies Antibiotic Resistant Gram Negative Bacteria

The new Streck Philisa® ampC ID Kit enables rapid identification of six plasmid-mediated ampC resistance genes for pathogen surveillance in hospitals and research.

Philisa ampC ID kitWhen used along with standard culture, this conventional PCR kit will help to provide up-to-date information for infection control by identifying which gram-negative ampC resistant bacterial strains are present in the hospital. Resistance to the beta-lactam class of anti-microbials is a significant cause of multidrug-resistant urinary tract and bloodstream infections. The Philisa ampC ID kit, available exclusively in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, is a PCR based...


  Higher Resolution and Greater Sample Capacity

New Clarit-E® Choice Stretch Horizontal Electrophoresis Tank

Clarit-E ChoiceIf you need to separate samples with very similar molecular weights, the new Clarit-E® Choice Stretch Electrophoresis Gel Tanks from Alpha Laboratories Ltd. provide the perfect solution. Plus, when you need high throughput, these tanks allow up to 350 samples to be resolved per gel.  The extended run lengths of the Choice Stretch Horizontal Tanks allow restriction fragments or other close molecular weight sample bands...


  ISO 15189 Made Easier

Commercial Control Materials Provide Accuracy and Consistency

alphaLaboratories looking to implement the new ISO 15189 standards for UKAS accreditation will have to demonstrate that their testing service follows defined quality assurance levels, performing with competence and consistency. That means removing risks of variability wherever possible. Control materials that follow the patient pathway can assist with this by providing greater confidence in test system results, over controls that...


  New Maxi Z Electrophoresis System

The new Vertical Maxi Z is the latest Clarit-E® innovation from Alpha Laboratories for large format vertical gel electrophoresis.

vertical maxi zThis versatile system has been designed to save time in set up and provide high quality performance across a variety of separations. Maxi Z has innovative, new vertical screw-clamp technology within the PAGE insert that requires only four screws to secure four 20x20cm gels. This makes set up extremely easy and rapid compared to traditional clamping configurations requiring up to 24 screws to secure just two glass plates...


  Coming out of the Cold with Stat-Nat Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix

Now available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, STAT-NAT® is a new protective compound that stabilises the activity of enzymes for a very long time with no temperature controlled storage requirements.

STAT-NATThis proprietary technology developed by Sentinel (Milan, Italy), provides an optimal and convenient basic platform useful for kits, “home brew” routine tests, and for the development of new assays. STAT-NAT® products (Stabilised Amplification Technology – Nucleic Acid Testing) contain all the reaction components for PCR including the Hot Start Polymerase...


  Easier, More Efficient Transfection

Easier, More Efficient DNA and siRNA Transfection with ScreenFect™A

Easier, More Efficient DNA and siRNA Transfection with ScreenFect™A  Transfection of cells with plasmid DNA or siRNA has become a powerful tool in biological research.  The technique, however, may prove frustrating as optimisation can be time consuming and transfection efficiency may remain stubbornly low.   New ScreenFectA, now available from Alpha Laboratories, aims to make life easier.  This transfection reagent is composed of new cationic lipids discovered by screening a library synthesised by Click Chemistry.  ScreenFectA combines high transfection efficiency with low cell toxicity, offering a perfect solution for DNA and siRNA transfection protocols.

Transfection of cells with plasmid DNA or siRNA has become a powerful tool in biological research. The technique, however, may prove frustrating as optimisation can be time consuming and transfection efficiency may remain stubbornly low. New ScreenFectA, now available from Alpha Laboratories, aims to make life easier. This transfection reagent is composed of new cationic lipids discovered by screening a library synthesised by Click Chemistry. ScreenFectA combines high transfection efficiency with low cell toxicity, offering a perfect solution for DNA and siRNA transfection protocols...



  Get More Intact, Viable Cells with BAMBANKER Cell Freezing Medium

The unique, patented formulation of BAMBANKER serum-free cell freezing medium has been optimised to give excellent recovery for cryogenically preserved cells

BAMBANKERNow available from Alpha Laboratories, it protects even delicate cells during medium and long term ultra low temperature storage, BAMBANKER has been tested with established cell lines, primaries and stem cells.  Both human and animal cells have been successfully preserved, demonstrating excellent survival rates...


  New Standards for Molecular Parasite Assays

Now you can standardise your molecular assays for parasitic diseases such as malaria, with a new range of synthetic controls that provide stable, consistent, safe and abundant material

New Standards for Molecular Parasite AssaysThe new Simply Molecular® G-Sphere® range of standards from Phthisis Diagnostics, exclusively available in the UK from Alpha Laboratories, contain double stranded DNA gene(s). These have been designed and synthetically created for use as genetic surrogate control material in molecular applications such as PCR. Ready to use, G-Sphere Molecular Standards are non-hazardous and eliminate the need to extract DNA from potentially infectious samples...


  Nanoject II Performs Ultra Delicate Nanolitre Injection Procedures

The Drummond Nanoject II Auto-Injector is now available from Alpha Laboratories

The Drummond Nanoject II Auto-Injector

Specifically designed to perform ultra-delicate nanolitre injection procedures into cells, including oocytes and embryos. Positive displacement technology and precision microcapillaries together with new features enhance the ease of use, precise delivery of sample and protection of cells...


  Reliable PCR Results with Complete Format Flexibility

With its highly versatile interchangeable blocks that allow you to use a complete range of consumables, the Bioer GenePro has been a popular thermal cycler for many years

GeneTouchNow its successor brings additional technology and functionality, for even greater ease of use and exceptional performance, alongside the format flexibility. The new GeneTouch has a 6.5 inch full colour touchscreen menu and display. Together with the intuitive menu, this enables programming of complex protocols such as Touchdown, Long and Nested PCR in just a few seconds...


  New DNA-VIEW Enables Real-Time Size Fractionation

Cost effective, safe and time saving electrophoresis

New DNA-VIEW Enables Real-Time Size FractionationNow you can recover your DNA in real-time, as your gel runs, with the new DNA-VIEW Electrophoresis System from Alpha Laboratories Ltd. This versatile, portable, self contained horizontal gel electrophoresis system has an adapted lid, containing an orange spectral emission filter that lets you see your samples separate in real time. You can harvest the DNA of interest as soon as it enters the ‘extraction’ tier...


  New Dedicated Pasteur Pipettes Website

All you need for every application

New Dedicated Pasteur Pipettes WebsiteFrom standard liquid transfer procedures to unique or unusual uses, now there’s a single website where you can find exactly the pipette you require, whatever your application.  Just launched, is an exclusive resource providing everything you need to know about Pasteur pipettes. Visit this new website and discover the history generating from Pasteur’s invention, to the evolution of Alpha Laboratories’ extensive range of plastic Pastettes® developed in response to customer needs...


  New Safe, Low Cost, Easy Sample Transport Systems Convenient, Leak Proof Compliance  

SpeciSafe packsGetting patient and other biologically hazardous samples safely from their source to the laboratory can be problematic. Packing and mailing of samples needs careful handling and adherence to regulations such as UN3373 is a demanding task. The new SpeciSafeTM packs, now available from Alpha Laboratories Ltd (Eastleigh, Hants, UK) provide a safe, convenient and economical solution to this chore...


  New Touchscreen Thermal Cycler makes PCR Set Up Quick and Easy Now, programming of complex PCR protocols such as Touchdown, Long and Nested PCR is faster and easier.

Bioer LifeTouchThe new Bioer LifeTouchTM 96-well gradient thermal cycler, from Alpha Laboratories Ltd (Eastleigh, Hants, UK), has a clear, 6.5" full colour, Touchscreen menu and display. Combined with its powerful and intuitive programming this enables easy PCR set up in just a few seconds...




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