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TTP LabTech Ltd

TTP LabTech Ltd

TTP LabTech Ltd


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All articles from TTP LabTech Ltd

  TTP Labtech introduces chameleon, automated system for next generation cryo-electron microscopy sample-prep

TTP Labtech Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, has announced the introduction of chameleon, an industry-enabling sample-preparation system for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM). The new system has been designed to enable consistent application of samples to high-quality foil grids for cryo-EM analysis, automating the current standard approach, which is a technically-demanding, largely manual process....


  TTP plc Collaborates with Quotient Ltd to Transform Transfusion Diagnostics and Beyond

TTP labTechTTP plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, has announced that it has partnered with Quotient Ltd, a commercial-stage diagnostics company committed to transforming transfusion diagnostics and beyond to develop and implement a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Quotient's proprietary MosaiQ system....


  TTP plc spin-out Cellular Highways Ltd to commercialise next-generation cell-sorting technology

The new spin-out has been founded to commercialise TTP’s proprietary Vortex-Actuated Cell Sorting (VACS) technology, and fast-track development of a first commercial product, Highway 1™. TTP has invested £1.7m ($2.2m) in the spin-out, in addition to over £2m development funding to date. Highway 1 will be unveiled at CYTO, the 34th Congress of the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry, in Vancouver, 22-26 June 2019....


  Battery Ventures Acquires TTP Labtech Limited, Global Leader in Liquid Handling & Sample Management Technologies

TTP labtechGlobal investment firm backs growth plans for TTP Labtech. TTP Labtech Ltd, an international leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science research is pleased to announce that investment from Battery Ventures has underpinned their aggressive growth plans. Over the last 18 years TTP Labtech has successfully grown an impressive portfolio of automation, instrumentation and consumables products serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research markets....


  New Low-Profile 2D Barcode Scanner for Liquid Handling Systems

The innovative camera-based technology of the DataPaq™ Mirage gives a compact scanner design for easy integration with laboratory automation systems. Ziath showcase its new, cost-effective 2D barcode rack scanner, the DataPaq Mirage, at SLAS2018. This innovative camera-based scanner has a low-profile design enabling it to be easily integrated with...


  TTP Plc and Sphere Fluidics introduce Cyto-Mine Single Cell Analysis System

A novel and disruptive analysis and monoclonal assurance system for drug discovery and development

TTPTTP Plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, and Sphere Fluidics, which provides single cell analysis systems underpinned by its patented picodroplet technology, have announced the launch of the award-winning Cyto-Mine® Single Cell Analysis System....


  Abcam and TTP Labtech Collaborate to Develop sol-R Reagent Kits

Assay-ready kits will incorporate fully-validated, industry-leading recombinant antibody technology for high throughput research

ttplogoTTP Labtech Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, and Abcam plc, a global innovator in life sciences reagents and tools, has announced a collaboration to further develop reagent kits for the quantification of secreted proteins in multiplexed screening assays....


  New England Biolabs and TTP plc Collaborate to Provide Services for Molecular Diagnostics

New offering will include integrated and comprehensive product development services for fast tracking innovation, progressing ideas into commercial products

ttp labtechTTP plc, a leading technology and product development company, and New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB®), an industry leader in the discovery and production of enzymes for molecular biology applications, announce that they have established a non-exclusive partnership...


  TTP Plc Introduces FormaJet Liquid Handling Platform for High Throughput Digital Bioprinting

Novel droplet dispensing concept will enable high-speed, high-density, many-colour printing in emerging applications including diagnostics, tissue engineering and drug discovery

TTPTTP Plc (TTP), a leading independent technology and product development company, is seeking development and go-to-market partners for FormaJetTM, a novel printhead platform designed for true multi-colour bioprinting....


  TTP plc and Innova Biosciences Extend Partnership to Develop Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Innova to continue to provide custom bioconjugation services to support TTP’s Desktop Biology initiative

TTPTTP plc, Europe's leading technology and product development company, announces its ongoing partnership with Innova Biosciences (Innova), a specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, to enable its rapid point-of-care diagnostics development program....


  Advanced Analytical Technologies and TTP Labtech Alliance Delivers High-Throughput NGS Library Prep Solutions

TTP Labtech Ltd. is a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications.

TTP labtechAdvanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is the award-winning manufacturer of Fragment Analyzer™ and FEMTO Pulse™ automated systems for nucleic acid sizing and quantity analysis. The Fragment Analyzer INFINITY™ model integrates within robotic cells for complete 24+ hour automation....


  TTP Labtech Partners with Genedata to Provide Out-of-the-Box Data Analysis for High Throughput Screening

The partnership will integrate Genedata Screener® software with TTP Labtech’s acumen® Cellista and mirrorball® to improve screening data management

ttp labtechTTP Labtech Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, has announced that it is partnering with Genedata to provide customers with improved solutions for importing and analysing raw data from their screening instruments.....


  TTP Ventus Formed to Commercialise Micropump Technology

New spin-out from TTP Group plc will develop, licence and manufacture second generation Disc Pump technology, which has proven applications in medical devices, healthcare, and scientific research

TTPTTP Group plc has announced the launch of TTP Ventus Ltd. The new spin-out has been formed to commercialise the second generation of The Technology Partnership’s (TTP) proprietary micropump technology. The micropump platform, Disc Pump, is enabling disruptive new products across medical and industrial markets...


  TTP Labtech Introduces Dragonfly Discovery

New liquid handling platform to reduce assay development time and improve assay robustness in high throughput screening

TTP labtechTTP Labtech Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, has announced the commercial premiere of its dragonfly® discovery liquid handling technology at SLAS 2017, in Washington, DC, USA. Building on the success of the first dragonfly liquid handling platform, dragonfly crystal, which was designed for crystallographers...


  TTP Labtech and University of California, San Diego, Collaboration Accelerates Single Cell Genomics Research

TTP Labtech Ltd and the University of California San Diego, have announced that their collaboration has resulted in a new workflow for single cell sequencing, which reduces the cost of sample preparation by 90%.

TTP labtechThe workflow, which has been published in the Journal of Laboratory Automation, was developed through the combination of UC San Diego’s expertise in genomics and the use of TTP Labtech’s mosquito liquid handlers, which can pipette nanolitre to microlitre volumes with high accuracy and reproducibility, to miniaturise and automate the process....


  TTP Labtech Introduces sol-R Microplates to Enhance the Productivity and Performance of Laser Scanning Cytometers

New microplates are an extension of TTP Labtech’s consumables portfolio

ttep labtechTTP Labtech Ltd, a global leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, has announced the commercial launch of its sol-R™ microplates. The new sol-R consumables range is designed to amplify the productivity gains delivered by laser-scanning fluorescence cytometers by enabling users to deliver reliable decision making data faster....


  David Newble Joins TTP Labtech as New Managing Director

Recent appointment promises to drive innovation strategy and further strengthen R&D pipeline

TTP labtechTTP Labtech, a world leader in the design and development of automated instrumentation and consumables for life science applications, is pleased to announce the appointment of David Newble as its new managing director. Dr. Jas Sangera, founder, managing director and key driver for the company for the last 14 years, will continue his role as the company’s chairman. David Newble has a proven track record of growing life sciences companies and...


  TTP Labtech and Almac Group’s Strategic Alliance Consolidates Fluorescence Lifetime Technology to Form a One-Stop Shop for Compound Screening

FLEXYTE® assays harness the power and potential of fluorescence lifetime technology

ttp labtechA strategic alliance has been formed for the marketing and sale of a complete fluorescence lifetime (FLT) technology comprising Almac Group’s proprietary FLEXYTE® FLT reagents and assays, and TTP Labtech’s new ameon® microplate reader. Customers can now gain full access to support, and buy equipment and essential reagents all from TTP Labtech, underpinned, behind the scenes, by Almac's manufacturing and new assay development...


  TTP Labtech acquires assets in fluorescence lifetime technology Combining cutting edge science with first rate engineering

Significant improvements in assay reagents and availability of High Throughput Screen (HTS)-compatible readers has propelled fluorescence lifetime (FLT) technology to the vanguard of cost-effective screening technologies.

TTP Logo

TTP Labtech has consolidated its position in the field with today’s announcement of the purchase of assets from AssayMetrics Limited, Cardiff, UK a leading company in FLT. The acquisition enhances TTP Labtech’s new ameon™ system equipped with real-time decay curve analysis (RT-DCA), licensed from Fluorescence Innovations Inc (Minneapolis, US). The ameon represents the next generation of FLT reader technology providing a combination of speed, precision, and data quality that can be readily exploited in HTS workflows...


  Institut Curie strengthens pioneering research with innovative biobanking technology

TTP Labtech’s arktic system chosen for technical excellence and provision of long term sample security

TTP Logo

The new phase of expansion for Institut Curie’s Paris-based biobank required a solution for advanced patient sample monitoring, as well as efficient sample storage and preparation across numerous tissue formats, including tumour, RNA, DNA, protein and blood. As part of this upgrade Institut Curie announced today an investment in arktic®, a flexible, modular -80°C sample storage system from a leading technology provider, TTP Labtech....


  TTP beats the Faraday Cage with Fluxor

Engineers at The Technology Partnership (TTP) have discovered a way to break through the Faraday Cage that prevents the entry or escape of an electromagnetic field through a metallic enclosure.

TTP Beats the Faraday Cage with FluxorWhile the Faraday Cage effect does have useful applications from preventing leakage from microwave ovens to lightning strike protection and screening data cables, TTP’s new patent-pending Fluxor technology will have major benefits for power and data transfer through metal shielding. TTP is already using the technology for monitoring fluid levels in steel pipes, taking readings from medical implants and measuring data from inside high-performance F1 engines...


  Structures of New Class of Protein Solved With the Help of Nano-Liquid Handling Technology

Major protein structure discovery achieved using TTP Labtech’s mosquito LCP

TTP LabTech Logo

For the first time, researchers have been able to successfully report the structure of a Class B G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) using lipidic cubic phase (LCP) protein crystallisation. The work performed at Heptares, a leading drug discovery and development company, and published this week in Nature, details the structural identification of the stress receptor, corticotropin-releasing factor receptor 1 (CRF1). This pioneering discovery opens up the technique to an entirely new group of molecules with important roles in the development of diseases as diverse as diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety...


  Major Protein Structure Discovery Achieved Using TTP Labtech’s mosquito LCP

Major Protein Structure Discovery Achieved Using TTP Labtech’s mosquito LCP Innovative liquid handling technology a key factor in the world’s first structural analysis of class B GPCRs

Mosquito LCP

For the first time, researchers have been able to successfully report the structure of a Class B G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) using lipidic cubic phase (LCP) protein crystallisation. The work performed at Heptares, a leading drug discovery and development company, and published this week in Nature, details the structural identification of the stress receptor, corticotropin-releasing factor receptor 1 (CRF1). This pioneering discovery opens up the technique to an entirely new group of molecules with important roles in the development of diseases as diverse as diabetes, osteoporosis, depression and anxiety...


  TTP Labtech announces on-going growth as the market continues to demand novel automated lab solutions

£3.8M investment in global R&D pays off as product sales grow over 20% 

TTP Labtech Home Logo

TTP Labtech, global developer and manufacturer of innovative automated laboratory equipment, has today reported details of its success in 2012, as well as its growth plans for 2013.Continuing its track record of pioneering automation drug discovery products, TTP Labtech’s £3.8M investment in R&D and entrance into new markets paid off as product sales for 2012 were up over 20 percent compared to the year previous, despite the challenging economy. This progress was driven by launching products into new markets, including biological sample storage and liquid handling for molecular biology applications, as well as continued growth in the sale of established products...


  TTP Labtech supports Dart NeuroScience in the study of memory disorders

TTP Labtech comPOUND
TTP Labtech’s comPOUND® & comPILER® deliver scalable, secure compound storage and tube-to-plate processing 

TTP Labtech, global developer and manufacturer of innovative, high quality, automated laboratory equipment, has signed an agreement with Dart NeuroScience, LLC (DNS), a specialised pharmaceutical company, to supply its modular compound storage and retrieval systems, comPOUND® and comPILER®. The platform will enable the safe, long-term storage of the newly formed and rapidly expanding DNS small molecule compound libraries, supporting the company’s quest to discover innovative drugs and targeted therapies for life-long cognitive vitality and the treatment of memory disorders...


  Automation with air: analytical sample management solution showcased at Pittcon

TTP Labtech’s lab2lab connects remote analytical labs

TTP Labtech’s lab2lab connects remote analytical labs TTP Labtech will be attending the Pittcon conference and exposition this year, 17th – 21st March, Philadelphia PA, showcasing the lab2lab automated sample transport and management system, on booth 558. TTP Labtech’s lab2lab innovatively connects remote analytical instrumentation and research laboratories by transporting tubes using compressed air...


  TTP Labtech Launches acumen hci for Rapid Multiplexed Imaging

High throughput meets high content imaging for cell-based primary screening

TTP acumen hci labTTP Labtech has announced the release of the acumen® hci (high content imaging) system, developed for researchers who are looking to increase the productivity of their high throughput imaging.  Replacing the acumen eX3, the new acumen hci is the fastest imager on the market for multiplex assays in up to 1536-well plates, and the new open-source image format means users have complete flexibility to analyse images on their existing analysis software if required. Together with whole-well imaging, these features make the acumen hci ideal for identifying “hit” wells in cell-based screens. The new system will be premiered at SLAS 2013...


  TTP Labtech Brings Automated Biobanking to SLAS

Low cost, low footprint biobanking systems protect samples from submission to screening

TTP ArkticTTP Labtech will showcase its affordable and compact automated biobanking systems at the upcoming SLAS 2013 conference and exhibition in Orlando, FL, USA from 12-16 January. The company will be demonstrating the unique benefits of comPOUND® and arktic™ fully automated storage modules and its lab2lab® sample transport solution. As part of the biobanking sample management workflow the fully automated capper, decapper and mosquito®, the low volume liquid pipetting solution for assay preparation and miniaturisation, will also be demonstrated.  TTP Labtech’s complete system ensures increased sample integrity in a fully automated workflow from sample storage to screening...


  TTP Labtech Showcases Advances in Assay Miniaturisation with mosquito at SLAS 2013

TTP Labtech is featuring the mosquito® portfolio of low volume liquid handlers for effortless assay miniaturisation in a range of applications at SLAS 2013Mosquito Banner

Fast dispense rates, zero cross-contamination and superior precision are guaranteed across the mosquito range, irrespective of liquid viscosity or environmental conditions, even when handling volumes as low as 25 nL. Delegatescan also find out more about some of the many applications benefiting from assay miniaturisation, in four poster presentations from 1-3 pm on January 14...


  TTP Labtech Provides Effortless Drug Discovery Solutions at ELRIG

Visit stand Q2 to see the mosquito HV and acumen eX3 in action 

TTP Labtech Provides Effortless Drug Discovery Solutions at ELRIGTTP Labtech will be showcasing its liquid handling, laser scanning and sample management products at ELRIG Drug Discovery, Manchester 5-6 September. Delegates can preview acumen eX3and mosquito® HV on stand Q2 at the exhibition, and learn more about the applications of these instruments via the poster presentations, taking place from 4-5 pm on 5th September.


  TTP Labtech Technology Supports Drug Discovery Research at University of Nottingham Academia steps up to the high throughput screening challenge with state-of-the-art compound storage facility

TTP comPILERTTP Labtech, global developer and manufacturer of high quality, robust and innovative automated laboratory equipment, is enabling a successful new venture at the University of Nottingham's Centre for Biomolecular Science, with its comPOUND® sample storage system and comPILER® high throughput, tube-to-plate processing system...


  TTP Labtech Delivers Hit-Picking Excellence at the University of Michigan TTP Labtech's mosquito X1An exciting technological collaboration integrating TTP Labtech's mosquito® X1 automated nanolitre pipettor with a well-known microplate mover has been set up, bringing an innovative hit-picking solution to the University of Michigan. This fully automated system is being utilised by the University's High Throughput Screening (HTS) Core, Centre for Chemical Genomics, to automate the selection and processing of compound hits from screens, using their 150,000 strong library... 


  TTP Labtech Reports SLAS 2012 as Resounding Success TTP LabtechTTP Labtech generated substantial interest with the launch of three innovative new products at SLAS 2012. The mosquito® HV automated liquid handler, aequus non-contact solvent level monitor and arktic -80ºC biobanking solution were unveiled on the first day of the exhibition. Attracting attention from delegates and media alike, all three products were exceptionally well received, resulting in an overwhelming number of visitors to the stand over the two day exhibition...


  TTP Labtech Rebrands as Natural Innovators TTP LabtechTTP Labtech has leapt into 2012 with the launch of not one, but three, new products at the SLAS conference, San Diego, with more to follow during the year. TTP Labtech is also refreshing the company brand, with a significant re-design to clearly communicate its positive and dynamic outlook and further underline the company's drive to innovate...


  TTP LabTech Showcases Innovative Technology at ASCB 2011 /TTP LabTech Showcases Innovative Technology at ASCB 2011TTP LabTech will highlight it's leading portfolio of products for high content screening (HCS) at the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) conference and exhibition on booth #427, Denver, Colorado, 3-7 December 2011. On Monday 5th Dec from 18.45-20.15,  Dr Paul Wylie will present a tutorial entitled "Cell Biology Applications of Laser Scanning Cytometry" (Room 113, Tutorial G) discussing the latest application developments of laser scanning cytometry...


  LAB2LAB webinar highlights the benefits of laboratory sample transport and management systems LAB2LAB webinar highlights the benefits of laboratory sample transport and management systemsTTP LabTech highlights the workflow enhancement capability of its leading sample analysis management and transport system LAB2LAB, with a webinar entitled "LAB2LAB - Creating a virtual analytical instrument in every lab". The informative program features contributions from a distinguished guest speaker, in addition to experts from TTP LabTech. This 1 hour webinar will be held on Thursday 20th October 2011 at 3pm GMT (4pm European time, 10am US EST) and registration to attend is now open...


  Leading Speakers Discuss Hot Topics for TTP LabTech’s mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCP TTP LabTech mosquito Crystal and mosquito LCPTTP LabTech today announced its latest webinar entitled "Optimising automated low volume, high value protein crystallisation screening", to be held on Thursday 29th September 2011 at 3pm GMT (4pm European Time, 10am eastern standard time). Distinguished speakers from both academia and industry will discuss the benefits of TTP LabTech's mosquito® Crystal and mosquito LCP specialised nanolitre pipetting platforms for their crystallisation studies/trials.


  TTP LabTech Supports World leading Science TTP LabTech TTP LabTech was delighted to announce the results of the "Win an Acumen" and "Win a Mosquito" competitions, as part of the closing celebrations of the inaugural European Lab Automation Conference in Hamburg, Germany. The winner of a year's, free fully supported, use of TTP LabTech's laser imaging cytometer, Acumen® eX3, was...


  TTP LabTech’s comPOUND Celebrates 10 Years comPOUND®, the world's first automated, modular microtube storeTTP LabTech is celebrating the 10th year of comPOUND®, the world's first automated, modular microtube store, for the secure storage of chemical and biological compound libraries. Using pneumatic technology and specialist sample processing software, comPOUND® has the ability to cherry pick individual tubes, providing extremely rapid access to a range of library subsets as required...


  Label-Free Detection for Glycosylation Profiling TTP LabTech At the Seventh annual PEGS conference held in Boston, MA, TTP LabTech released data demonstrating the use of their novel acoustic biosensor, LIBRA2, for the study of glycosylation patterns on cell membranes. TTP LabTech invited scientists to Booth 304 to view the data and discuss future developments and applications of the LIBRA2 technology...


  A Vision for the Future With TTP LabTech TTP LabTech TTP LabTech announce an exciting new development for its world-class, high content, microplate imaging system, the Acumen® eX3. With the addition of a new 561nm laser, it is now possible to perform additional high throughput cell based assays. This new addition enables the use of a new range of dyes to increase the multiplexing capabilities of the machine...


  TTP LabTech Support World-Leading Research with Competition Launch mosquito and Acumen technologyTTP LabTech announce the launch of an exciting new scientific competition to win one year's free use of two powerful and intuitive instruments, the mosquito® nanolitre pipettor and the Acumen® microplate imaging system. Scientists from any research program are invited to submit a short proposal, detailing how these renowned technologies will benefit their research application and experimental workflow...


  LAB2LAB Excels at LabAutomation LAB2LAB Excels at LabAutomation At this year's LabAutomation, TTP LabTech continued the promotion of its renowned and growing drug discovery product line. This included the mosquito® LCP and HTS, the Mirrorball® and Acumen® imaging cytometers and its modular comPOUND® storage system. However it was the LAB2LAB automated sample transport and management system that stole the limelight...


  TTP LabTech to connect at Lab Automation 2011 LabTech’s LAB2LAB systemAt Laboratory Automation 2011 in Palm Springs (Jan 29 - Feb 2), TTP LabTech will present a range of posters covering its complete product range, including two demonstrating the novel applications of its LAB2LAB automated sample transport and management system and its mosquito® nanoliter liquid handler.


  Mirrorball provides long-awaited FMAT replacement TTP LabTech’s Mirrorball TTP LabTech has today released the results of a valuable benchmarking study using its Mirrorball® antibody discovery system. The data accurately demonstrates that Mirroball offers equivalent data to the discontinued ABI 8200 FMAT® instrument, with minimal changes to assay protocols


  Mirrorball to shine across 2011 conferences LabTech microplate cytometer MirrorballTTP LabTech will be showcasing its high sensitivity microplate cytometer - Mirrorball - during 2011 with attendance at PepTalk, LabAutomation, SBS and the Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS). The system, launched earlier this year, provides an effective and efficient process for automating ELISAs into robust mix-and-read assays for high throughput antibody screening.


  The buzz about mosquito LCP spreads to Advances in Protein Crystallography mosquito® LCP liquid handlerTTP LabTech will be showcasing mosquito® Crystal and its new mosquito® LCP liquid handler on the 9-10 November at the annual Advances in Protein Crystallography conference and exhibition 2010, Florence, Italy.


  Speed up your chemotaxis research with Acumen eX3 TTP LabTech combines its renowned microplate cytometer with the BellBrook’s iuvo™ Chemotaxis Assay PlatesTTP LabTech has today announced a high throughput solution for chemotaxis research using the Acumen® eX3 microplate cytometer and the iuvoTM Chemotaxis Assay Plate from BellBrook Labs. Using this system, approximately four-fold time savings were achieved compared to a similar method using automated microscopy and off-line data processing


  TTP LabTech mosquito to create a buzz around Europe TTP LabTech mosquitoProtein crystallographers and drug discovery researchers throughout Europe can find out in person what makes TTP LabTech's mosquito® the industry standard instrument for nanolitre pipetting this autumn. The mosquito European Roadshow, with hands-on demonstrations of this precision dispensing family, will commence 18th October 2010 and will visit Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain.


  Mirrorball to shine at ELRIG Drug Discovery 2010 TTP LabTech will be showcasing its new MirrorballTM high sensitivity laser scanning microplate cytometer for antibody discovery at the ELRIG Drug Discovery 2010 event..


  Learn how to improve your sample management efficiency TTP LabTech invites sample management professionals and analytical chemists to attend a Sample Management Open Day at its headquarters near Cambridge, UK on Tuesday 3rd August 2010. Visitors will be able to find out how to improve efficiency by hearing from those currently working in the field


  TTP LabTech to Demonstrate New mosquito LCP at ACA, Chicago TTP LabTech has today announced that it is showcasing its NEW mosquito® LCP liquid handler at the annual meeting of the American Crystallographic Association, Chicago, Illinois, July 24-29. For the first time since the product launch crystallographers will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of the novel mosquito LCP instrument.


  TTP LabTech introduce Mirrorball to Asian market TTP LabTech will showcase its new MirrorballTM high sensitivity laser scanning microplate cytometer for antibody discovery at BioExpo Japan, 30 June - 2 July 2010. Alongside the on-stand viewing of Mirrorball, TTP LabTech will also be presenting supporting performance data in its workshop ‘Mix-and-Read Screening for Antibody Discovery', on 2 July at 2-2.30pm, room EX-B4.


  Increased demand drives Queensland Compound Library Expansion Queensland Compound Library (QCL) today announced the acquisition and instalment of a fourth comPOUND® sample store from TTP LabTech Ltd. The purchasing of a fourth sample store, to integrate with their three existing comPOUND sample stores and comPANION unit, comes two years after QCL became operational and one year after the third store was added.


  TTP LabTech dazzle delegates at SBS 2010 TTP LabTech pulled in the crowds at the recent SBS 16th Annual Conference & Exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona, with the launch of its brand new MirrorballTM high sensitivity laser scanning microplate cytometer for antibody discovery.


  Antibody discovery just got easier… TTP LabTech launches the NEW Mirrorball™ system Phoenix, Arizona, Tuesday 13th April 2010 - Today on the opening day of the exhibition at the SBS 16th Annual Conference & Exhibition, TTP LabTech announce the exciting launch of MirrorballTM, a new high sensitivity laser scanning microplate cytometer for antibody discovery.


  TTP LabTech hosts Acumen screening meeting in the US TTP LabTech has announced the date for its 2010 US Acumen User Group Meeting (UGM). To be held on May 18-19 at the British Consulate-General in Cambridge, MA., the UGM will be open to existing users and high content screening researchers who are interested in how the Acumen eX3 could benefit their research.


  TTP LabTech launches NEW high-content contract screening service Royston, UK - TTP LabTech has today launched its new contract screening service based around the company's HCS technology, the Acumen® microplate cytometer. The service will provide clients with high-content data using cell-based assays for the investigation of various biological phenomena - including cell cycle, RNAi profiling, angiogenesis and signal pathway profiling.


  Improve your screening know-how with TTP LabTech at Screening Europe 2010 This year at Screening Europe 2010, TTP LabTech will be sharing its in-house expertise and technical advice with exhibition delegates in order to further improve current high content screening techniques and workflows. On 11th February, TTP LabTech will be offering a free workshop entitled "The Identification of novel cancer targets using a rapid, high-content, genome wide RNAi screen".


  TTP LabTech’s Star Players to be demoed live at LabAutomation 2010

Automated compound storage, retrieval and transport, and nanolitre pipetting - major focus at ALA


  TTP LabTech launches dedicated instrument for lipidic cubic phase screening TTP LabTech are today pleased to announce the launch of mosquito® LCP. Developed in collaboration with senior researchers from the MRC, UK (Gebhard Schertler and Pat Edwards), this instrument facilitates the automation and increased throughput of lipidic cubic phase (LCP) crystallisation set-ups.





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