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Original Electromantles are still the best

publication date: Mar 24, 2015
author/source: Bibby Scientific Limited


Electrothermal pioneered the UK’s market for heating mantles, producing the first British-made heating mantle way back in 1943.

heating mantlesPrior to this era, heating in chemical laboratories was potentially very dangerous, since open flame gas burners and electric glow coils were commonly used to heat oil, sand, molten metal, and water baths. Despite widespread safety concerns, heating baths are still in common usage today. They remain inherently dangerous as the hot fluid they contain is liable to be spilled or spattered should water be accidentally introduced, and a hot bath is very difficult to deal with in an emergency situation. Oil and water baths have the added hazard of having an electrical heat source in close proximity with a hot liquid, and since bath fluids expand upon heating, overflows are another potential pitfall. In addition, should the bath material be heated above its flash point, a fire and/or explosion could occur.

Electrothermal have always put safety at the forefront of their considerations, as shown by the early fire tests that were performed back in 1948 and demonstrated the high fire resistance of their Electromantles even in those days. Today, with almost 70 years of experience in manufacturing heating mantles, Electrothermal can confidently state that their mantles are not only an excellent long-term investment for your laboratory, they are also safe and reliable, being especially ideal for multi-user laboratories in universities and schools.

Health and safety remains a key issue for all laboratories, as fires in chemistry laboratories- even those with the best of scientific pedigrees- are all too common.

Heating sources remain a key fire source, and all laboratories should remain vigilant on fire safety, even those with the highest academic credentials. Electrothermal believes that they provide the best and most reliable heating mantles in the world, with an exemplary safety record of some 70 years to back this up. Why take chances?

find out more about Electrothermal heating mantles

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