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Essential steps for scanning gels

publication date: Mar 7, 2016
author/source: Eikonix

Essential steps you need to know about scanning electrophoresis gels

Bio-5000 PlusDo you want a fast and easy way to scan your electrophoresis gels? Look no further than the Bio-5000 Plus two platform scanner. Designed for researchers who want to quickly scan their electrophoresis gels, the Bio-5000 Plus offers an alternative to those camera based systems which can often produce unsatisfactory results. This image capture system is equipped with an optical CCD sensor whose resolution is up to an enormous 4800 dpi with a range of between 0.05 and 3.77 optical density.

With a built in Auto-Focus function the Bio-5000 Plus will automatically adjust its focal length to the optimum position to capture the best image possible. The end result is a high resolution image which is perfectly in focus ready for printing or taking to the analysis stage. The system comes complete with software for the manipulation and handling of the scanned gel images.

The dual scan bed allows gels up to 20cm x 26cm in transparent mode or  20cm x 36cm in reflective mode to be captured. Leak free gel holders protect the system from any liquid that maybe associated with wet gels.

The Bio-5000 Plus is truly the easiest and most cost effective way of scanning your electrophoresis gels. Says Eikonix: “Advances in scanning technology now brings a simple capture method to the laboratory with outstanding results at a sensible price”

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