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Sherwood Scientific’s 420 BlueNotes software package

publication date: Oct 26, 2016
author/source: Sherwood Scientific Ltd

New software adds value and flexibility to dual channel flame photometers 

Sherwood Scientific’s 420 BlueNotes software packageSherwood Scientific's Model 420 and Model 425 Flame Photometers now come with 420 BlueNotes software. This new software not only enables the instruments to perform sample analyses outside the linear response range but also facilitates measurement of all elements simultaneously.

Supplied free with all newly-built Model 420 and 425 instruments, the 420 BlueNotes package greatly increases the utility of these dual channel flame photometers. The linear response range of the standalone instrument is extended to multipoint calibration with 420 BlueNotes, enabling analysis of a much wider range of sample concentrations. Another major change is that all elements - Na, K, Li for Model 420 and Na, K, Li, Ca for Model 425 - can be measured at the same time, rather than only two at once. If required, the operator will be able to measure all elements simultaneously via the host computer's on-screen, real-time display.

420 BlueNotes adds significant value to Sherwood's dual channel flame photometers.  In addition the firmware of both the 420 and 425 for enhanced performance, adding a Clinical 102 Mode which measures Na, K and Li but is designed for the expected higher concentrations of Potassium in urine. The 420 BlueNotes disk includes a demonstration of how the software works with the instrument, helping users gain maximum benefit from the new functionalities.'

420 BlueNotes allows the operator to choose K or Li as an internal standard reference element. The ‘Spot Check' facility updates a previous multipoint calibration, thus adjusting for any drift (when the internal standard facility is not in use) and allowing previously generated calibrations to be re-used.

The software requires a PC running Windows XP or later (not supplied), and is fully compatible with combinations of newly-supplied dual channel flame photometer, diluter and autosampler. However, 420 BlueNotes software is not backward compatible with units already installed.

The estimation of the Alkali metals by Flame Photometry (e.g. Sodium determination in Foods, Sodium and Potassium determination in Cement), is by far the most important application of Flame Photometers in routine chemical analysis. For this widespread requirement, low temperature Flame Photometers still provide the most reliable and convenient procedure available. Flame Photometry also has considerable appeal in the clinical chemistry field as it provides a rapid and reliable means of estimating Sodium, Potassium and Lithium in body fluids. The methodologies of such analyses are well known and established.  Up-to-date software packages such as 420 BlueNotes will enable the busy lab to get through a wider variety of samples more quickly and with improved traceability.

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