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Looking to make an Autoclave Purchase?

publication date: Jul 19, 2018
author/source: Priorclave Ltd

Space-Efficient Top Loading Autoclaves

Priorclave’s QCS EV range of laboratory and research grade autoclaves are among the most space-efficient sterilisers currently available.

These bench-high autoclaves are easy to install and ideal for flexible spaces where lab facilities may be regularly reconfigured or equipment shared.

Models in this popular top-loading autoclave range offer chamber capacities up to 150 litre and are available as standard or supplied with a vacuum facility. Paired with the Priorclave Loadlite - an integrated electrically operated hoist - for effortlessly loading and removal.

They should appeal to lab managers for their superior loading capability, easily accommodating the tallest flasks, fermentors, and bioreactors but cost one-third that of comparable front-loading autoclaves. This makes them popular with life-science research labs, academic institutions, dairy, pharmaceutical and healthcare centres struggling with imposed financial constraints.

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Looking to make an Autoclave Purchase?

Check out the Autoclave Knowledge Bank Check Book, an impartial guide and insight into some of the key facts to be considered when making that next all important laboratory autoclave purchase.

The Autoclave Knowledge Bank booklet will guide you through some of the key points to consider and should help in narrowing down your selection - autoclave style (from benchtop, top and front loading, pass-through) chamber style (cylindrical or rectangular), heating source, etc.

When specifying or purchasing any expensive and complicated piece of equipment it is essential to be able to ask the right questions in order to get the right answers and make an informed decision - a few minutes with the Autoclave Knowledge Bank booklet could save your company time and money.



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