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Thinking about buying a LIMS? Pick wisely!

publication date: Nov 22, 2018
author/source: Autoscribe Informatics


A great LIMS fits seamlessly into your current lab systems, allows staff to be more productive and enables sophisticated real-time reporting which drives laboratory profitability quality and efficiency. But if you are thinking about buying a LIMS how can you differentiate a great LIMS from the mediocre? The flexible and easy to use from those that need a computing degree to setup and use?

With experience of thousands of LIMS projects Autoscribe Informatics can help make your LIMS selection a success. The information below is designed to help your buying process….


The Definitive Guide to Buying a LIMS

20181122Whether it is your first LIMS or replacing an existing LIMS this FREE guide will prepare you with the right questions to find the perfect solution for you; along with helping you to follow “Good Laboratory Practice”. In this definitive LIMS guide you will learn about:

  • Why you need a LIMS
  • Reduced costs of upgrade & support
  • Real-time reporting to keep you in the picture
  • Improved lab efficiency
  • Enhanced data integrity, meaning you can have increased faith in your data



Download | How to Buy a LIMS



30 Second Explainer Video

Here's the secret: Configuration using only graphical tools..... web or desktop, in-house or cloud based, all our customers have exactly the same underlying software. It makes support and upgrades simple

Matrix Gemini LIMS puts YOU in control, allowing YOU to match any aspect of the LIMS workflow to your exact needs.

  • Reduce training needs
  • Lower barriers to user acceptance
  • Quickly integrate new ideas/processes
  • Increase system life, lower overall costs


watch video



Introducing the Smart Approach to LIMS Configuration

20181122Laboratories need to accurately manage large volumes of data to strict standards, while at the same time constantly evolve to improve efficiency, automation and turn-around times.

Autoscribe Informatics solutions uniquely feature genuine configuration capabilities, with no custom coding, to ensure an exact fit to your requirements. This results in a LIMS that:

  • People find easy and intuitive to use
  • Puts you in control and brings data to your fingertips
  • Drives down costs and improves laboratory efficiency
  • Ensures compliance with industry standards
  • Allows new requirements and procedures to be easily incorporated into the flow
  • Provides a long life with low ongoing costs


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