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Conferences | Events receive Dutch Academic Startup award

publication date: Jun 28, 2019
20190618's COO, Mariliis Tark-Dame, receives one of the winners’ awards in the Academic Startup Competition presented by Katja Berkhout (International Director StartupDelta), one of the organisers. (image is courtesy of VSNU).

Technology innovators in super-resolution microscopy, Amsterdam-based, have been selected as one of ten winners of the Academic Startup Competition in the Netherlands, an initiative of the Association of Universities (VSNU), the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and StartupDelta.

Nominated as one of 28 Dutch technology companies, were named as one of ten winners of the Netherlands Academic Startup Competition organised by the Association of Universities (VSNU), the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI) and StartupDelta. Their award enables them to pitch for future investment at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) and may go on a trip to Silicon Valley sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. There they will have the opportunity to learn how they can scale up their innovation faster and thus take the step from startup to scale-up.

Speaking at the awards ceremony, Dutch State Secretary Mona Keijzer said “ Academic startups are extremely important for the Netherlands because of their often innovative breakthroughs that have an impact on society in all sorts of ways. The 10 winners show that Dutch universities and institutes play on the highest global stage.” This opinion is shared by Pieter Duisenberg, chairman of the Association of Universities (VSNU). He said “Academic startups build a bridge between science and society: they convert ground-breaking science in tangible innovations and that is very valuable. These 10 startups show that our efforts to promote entrepreneurship at the university are bearing fruit and I am proud of that. We want to continue to focus on this in the future.”

Accepting the award for was Chief Operating Officer, Mariliis Tark-Dame. “It is fulfilling to receive this award recognising the efforts of our founders, Erik Manders & Peter Drent, who had the vision for the need for affordable, fresh technology in the competitive world of imaging in the health & life sciences sectors. After three years, we now have our second generation of product coming to the market backed by a team of young, motivated scientists who share our startup philosophy: to change the microscopy industry with a confocal microscope based on the re-scan invention: the Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM). RCM combines the super-resolution capability with higher sensitivity than most confocal microscopes. This award makes us feel proud and will help drive us forward to the next stages of our growth.”

To learn about the RCM module and how it may be configured into a high-performance scanning confocal imaging system, please visit This includes a detailed video describing the principle of RCM.


more about

20190618's Re-scan Confocal Microscopy provides significantly improved imaging performance over conventional confocal microscopes. Note the right image clearly differentiates two bands with a resolution of 170 nm. Sample is courtesy of A Agostinho – Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm.


At we deliver turnkey solutions for the microscopist wanting the best confocal microscope. Applying Re-scan Confocal Microscopy (RCM) developed by Dr Erik Manders, CTO at, we bring a new approach to provide better, no-nonsense microscopy solutions to the market in partnership with experienced microscopy entrepreneur, Peter Drent. Erik explains how we do it.

“The team at has extensive experience in the field of microscopy, both in terms of technology and commercial acumen. We have learned to listen to colleagues and clients. We believe we are able to deliver accessible, easy-to-use solutions with better resolution, sensitivity and reproducibility. We also believe that users of microscopy want to have improved confocal microscopy performance at a price that is equally accessible to them. When we talk to prospective users about their confocal expectations, we start by finding out about their current instrumentation. This core information enables us to propose a custom-designed solution at a most affordable price point. Why dispose of perfectly functioning fluorescent microscopes, cameras and lasers when you can upgrade their performance with our Re-scan Confocal Microscopy module? From our growing, worldwide user base, we are confident we have found the best approach: to deliver a turnkey solution using our unique technology where we maximize photon collection and do so at a price a fraction of buying other commercial 3D confocal imaging solutions.”



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