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Cooling and freezing? With CoolBox it’s highly reproducible

BioCision’s CoolBox™ offers an innovative cooling and freezing system for all-day ice-free sample temperature controlBioCision's CoolBoxTM offers an innovative cooling and freezing system for all-day ice-free sample temperature control. The reusable cartridge technology is convenient, portable and eliminates the risk of contamination and temperature variability associated with the use of ice.

Unlike sealed plastic coolers, which require refreezing overnight, CoolBox gives unlimited cooling duration by simply switching cartridges. The cartridges consist of a gel pack with a novel thermo-conductive alloy shell which enables fast recharge in a standard -20ºC lab freezer. A single cartridge provides 4-10 hours of ice-free cooling at 0.5ºC to 4ºC, depending on whether the CoolBox lid is off or on, and when a CoolRack is placed on the cartridge the system provides unparalleled ice-free temperature consistency and control.

BioCision's CoolBox PCR96 and CoolBox PCR384 system kits each include one CoolBox Microplate with lid, one CoolRack PCR (either 384- or 96-well) and one +2ºC cooling cartridge. Additional +2ºC cartridges are available separately.

Using CoolBox Microplate, PCR set-up and cooling is hassle-free and ice-free, with experimental reproducibility enhanced by true iso-temperature control during the entire cooling period. In addition, the excellent thermo-conductivity of CoolRack PCR ensures the system will quickly equilibrate to +2ºC with less than 0.1ºC variation between wells, eliminating temperature inconsistencies between centre and outer rows.

Commenting on the wide range of applications for CoolBox, Brian Schryver, Vice President, Research and Product Development, commented: ‘The compact design and ice-free technology make CoolBox the ideal choice for use in tissue culture hoods, biosafety cabinets, GMP suites and other situations where space is restricted or where ice could be a source of contamination.'  

‘The versatility of the system is unrivalled, with the option of using dry ice rather than a cartridge cooling source, when CoolBox becomes a personal benchtop cryo-station. Samples can be safely snap-frozen, without the use of alcohol, in less than 30 seconds.'

The light-weight, fracture-proof construction makes CoolBox highly portable, facilitating use for patient or any biomedical sample collection and protecting samples during transportation between laboratories. In addition to CoolRack PCR384 and 96, CoolBox Microplate is also compatible with CoolSink SBS format thermoconductive multiwell plate holders and CoolRack for 96 x 1ml storage tubes such as from Matrix, Micronics and others.

Call or email BioCision or one of their distributors for a Demo CoolBox. 

About BioCision

Headquartered in Mill Valley, California, USA, BioCision is the leading developer of portable benchtop tools for temperature-sensitive biomedical sample handling in basic and clinical research and diagnostics.

Developed to provide easy sample management solutions, BioCision's patented novel alloy thermoconductive modules enable easy collection, organization, protection and high reproducibility of sample (snap) freezing and cooling. The ease of use, elimination of user error and very high reproducible sample performance have led to CoolProducts becoming the new standard for biomedical sample management.

BioCision CoolProducts have been adopted by leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, many contract research organizations, and major academic and healthcare institutions worldwide. 

For more information, visit

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