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End of year promotion for the Biochrom EZ READ 400 microplate reader

The Biochrom EZ Read 400 microplate readerBiochrom has two special offers for customers purchasing an EZ Read 400 microplate reader before the end of 2011. Additional filters for the EZ Read 400 Flexi can be purchased for a reduced price, or alternatively, get nearly 50% off the price of the ADAP 2.0 Plus software upgrade.

The EZ Read 400 is Biochrom's newest range of microplate readers, available in three different models (ELISA, Research and Flexi) to meet specific research requirements. Each EZ Read 400 is packed with essential features that save time and resources such as: fast USB connection, user-friendly ADAP 2.0 software for instrument control (currently upgradable at a special price) and rapid data export. The EZ Read 400 ELISA has four preinstalled filters to suit most basic ELISA assays (405, 450, 492 and 620 nm). The EZ Read 400 Research model has four additional preinstalled filters for ELISA, cell growth and total protein assays (562, 570, 595 and 650 nm). The EZ Read 400 Flexi reader has four preinstalled filters for most basic ELISA assays and a customisation option providing up to four additional filters now at a special price (540, 562, 570, 595, 650, 655 and 750nm).

Upgrading the new EZ Read 400 microplate reader directly to ADAP 2.0 Plus software provides all the ease-of-use of the Basic ADAP software system plus several indispensable features such as curve-fitting for standard curves, thresholds for categorizing samples and pre-set quality controls.

To take advantage of the filter offer, please use the following part numbers: EZ Read 400 Flexi Reader 80-4001-75 and the part number for the filter of your choice and mention EZ Read Flexi Promo on your order.

To take advantage of the reduced price software upgrade, please use the following part numbers: EZ Read 400 ELISA Reader Plus: 80-4001-73; EZ Read 400 Research Reader Plus: 80-4001-74; EZ Read 400 Flexi Reader Plus: 80-4001-75.

For pricing and additional information contact your local distributor or sales manager, email or visit

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