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Evitria Achieves Breakthrough 1 Gram per Liter in Rapid Protein Production With Life Technologies’ Invitrogen Freestyle CHO-S Cells

publication date: Dec 2, 2010
author/source: evitria SA

evitriaevitria SA, an innovative protein design and expression company, has achieved a major breakthrough in transient gene expression. Using Life Technologies' Invitrogen FreeStyleTM CHO-S Cells, evitria scientists succeeded in obtaining titers exceeding 1 gram per liter in transient. evitria's rapid protein expression platform now allows companies to perform their in vitro and in vivo studies with protein transiently produced in the same host system as used later for production of stable cell lines.

Comments Dr. Sebastien Chenuet, Founder and Principal Investigator at evitria: "Today, CHO cells are the preferred host system for stable cell lines. Yet, many companies perform their initial in vitro and in vivo studies with protein transiently produced in HEK293 cells. We see the reason for that in the challenge to produce sufficient amounts of protein transiently in CHO cells. Going forward, evitria's rapid protein expression platform will enable companies to perform their preclinical and clinical studies with the same host system. This is especially crucial in light of the extensive literature that stresses the importance of glycosylation on protein functionality."

Comments Dr. Markus Hildinger, Founder and Principal Investigator at evitria: "We did it again! Building on my inventions from my sabbatical year at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), we were able to extend 1 gram per liter titers in transient gene expression beyond HEK293 to CHO cells. This accomplishment positions evitria amongst the leading companies in the field of rapid protein expression and allows us to offer our customers milligram to gram quantities of protein at highly competitive prices starting as low as USD 300. Of course, we are also open to license evitria's rapid protein expression platform to interested third parties."

About evitria SA -
evitria SA is an innovative protein design and expression start-up company, located in the Biotech-Park Schlieren, Zurich, Switzerland. Its founders combine 20 years of experience in protein design, transient gene expression and stable cell lines with 33 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals as well as 13 pending and 4 granted patents.

About evitria's rapid protein expression platform:
evitria's rapid protein expression platform allows for the fast production of gram quantities of protein in HEK293 and CHO cells within less than two weeks. evitria offers its platform for licensing and also performs fee-for-service activities for its customers.



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