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Olink Bioscience Introduces Scalable Protein Biomarker Assays with Proseek Multiplex

publication date: Jul 25, 2013
author/source: Olink AB

Molecular tools specialist Olink today launched Proseek® Multiplex - a new generation of multiplexed protein biomarker immunoassays based on its proprietary Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) platform. 

Olink-Bioscience-Introduces-Scalable-Protein-Biomarker-Assays-with-Proseek-MultiplexUntil now, it has been impossible to scale up conventional assays due to increased antibody cross-reactivity when large numbers of assays are run simultaneously. Now with the introduction of Proseek Multiplex, biomarker researchers can quantify 92 proteins in just one microliter sample without compromising data quality orperformance.

"We are very proud at Olink to introduce a new and scalable era in immunoassays. Proseek has harnessed the tools that have fueled genomics for many years and put them to use in protein biomarker research. In a few years, we aim to offer the market’s most comprehensive portfolio of protein biomarker assays." says Simon Fredriksson, CEO of Olink Bioscience.

First in the range is Proseek Multiplex Oncology I, a ready-to-use kit sold by Olink capable of analyzing 96 samples against a panel of analytes such as growth factors,inflammatory markers, soluble receptors, and cancer antigens. Further Proseek 92-plex panels for cardiovascular disease, inflammation, and diabetes will be introduced through 2013.

Minimal sample consumption makes Proseek Multiplex especially suitable for retroactively mining precious biobanked serum samples for novel multivariate biomarker signatures. It can also provide novel biomarker insights from sample types such as tissue lysates of needle biopsies and micro dialysis samples. Even in these small samples Proseek Multiplex can provide accurate quantification below pico-gram per milliliter levels.

Proseek is based on the proprietary PEA technology developed at Olink. PEA is a homogeneous assay that uses pairs of antibodies equipped with DNA reporter molecules which upon target binding give rise to new DNA amplicons each ID-barcoding their respective antigens. Cross-reactive events are not detected since the sequence design allows only the correctly matched antibody pairs to give rise to a signal. The amplicons are subsequently quantified by high throughput real-time PCR.

"This is major breakthrough. Suddenly the extremely sensitive, reproducible and reliable qPCR workflow since long established as the gold standard for DNA, mRNA, and microRNA analyses has become available also for the measurement of proteins. During our early access period we have established robust SOPs for the entire workflow from sample preparation to data analysis, and it will be a great pleasure supporting our clients with this exceedingly powerful new technology to advance their research." says Professor Mikael Kubista, founder of TATAA Biocenter and renowned for his pioneering work in real time-PCR.

Proseek Multiplex is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About Olink Bioscience

Olink Bioscience develops, manufactures, and markets unique and highly innovative proprietary products for biomarker research and development. Together with our customers and collaborators we aim to improve clinical decision making by the use of molecular biomarkers. Our groundbreaking tools gain new insights in disease processes, improve disease detection, and contribute to a better understanding of biology. The Duolink® In Situ product line enables detailed analyses of cell signaling pathways by microscopic visualization and quantification of endogenous protein interactions and modifications. Duolink is today used by a broad customer base worldwide in both academia and pharmaceutical industry with over 500 customer publications. Proseek Multiplex is a next generation multivariate protein biomarker detection kit. It uniquely allows multiplexing of immunoassays without compromising assay performance. Proseek simultaneous quantifies of up to 92 proteins in just 1 μL liquid samples such as serum and plasma with exceptional analytical performance.

Olink’s patented molecular technologies are also commercialized through out-licensing to industry leading partners such as Affymetrix, Life Technologies, and through the spin-out companies Qlinea and Halo Genomics (now part of Agilent). Olink Bioscience is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.

more about Proseek Mulitplex

more about Olink Bioscience




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