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Sebia Launches New-Generation Serum Free Light Chain (sFLC) Assays for Multiple Myeloma Testing

publication date: Apr 16, 2018
author/source: Sebia

sebiaNew test assays improve analytics and clinical coherence for the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma

Sebia, a world leader in multiple myeloma diagnostics and monitoring, announces the launch of two new-generation serum free light chain (sFLC) assays for multiple myeloma testing: sebia FLC Kappa and sebia FLC Lambda. The two new assays aim to provide more consistent results by overcoming the challenges in analytical performance and coherence encountered in currently available testing methods. These assays, based on the ELISA (Enzym Linked Immunosorband Assay) technology, have been developed to make the monitoring of multiple myeloma patients simpler and easier for healthcare professionals.
Sebia’s electrophoresis systems have been widely used in laboratories for over 50 years. The launch of the two new sebia FLC assays will enable the company to offer comprehensive testing kits from just one supplier. This means lower costs and improved analytical performance, bringing consistency with electrophoretic techniques and reduced sample re-test rate.
“Consistency in multiple myeloma testing is of key importance; but currently available testing methods can bring inconsistent results, which lead to a significant amount of re-testing and the need for complex analysis by healthcare professionals,” said medical immunologist Hans Jacobs from the Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen (NL), co-developer of the new assays. “We are excited to offer these two new assays bringing improved performance; developed through our cooperation with Sebia. These new tests will successfully address current challenges in multiple myeloma testing, leading to better results.”
“We are very proud to offer both electrophoresis and sFLC assays for multiple myeloma diagnosis and monitoring. We work with over 15,000 laboratories worldwide, therefore we understand the concerns that might arise when evaluating results,” said Jean-Marc Chermette, CEO of Sebia. “We believe that with the launch of our two new assays, we can ease the work of healthcare professionals improving patients’ disease management.”
The sebia FLC Kappa and sebia FLC Lambda assays are CE-marked. The company will apply for a 510(k) FDA clearance later this year.
Sebia is the world’s largest supplier of specialty diagnostic tests, based on electrophoresis technology and automation, with more than 70% of the world market and 15,000 laboratories served worldwide.


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