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Spedia-NMR™: Breakthrough in Bioprocess Optimization For Biologicals

spinnovationFor new biologicals and biosimilars, the innovative  Spedia-NMRTM technology from Spinnovation Biologics provides a real advantage for optimizing cell cultures, monitoring and standardizing manufacturing processes in preparation for larger scale production. Within the past four months, this has been validated by 37 companies developing biologics or delivering services to this industry.

This premium nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) analysis service rapidly identifies a wide selection of feed components, metabolites and toxic compounds in culture media.  By comparing  media profiles from different cell culture batches, Spedia-NMRTM identifies how a cell consumes and metabolizes the media along the culture process. This allows the composition of the media to be fine-tuned to improve cell viability, reach highest yields of biologic product and perform rapid process troubleshooting.

Spedia-NMRTM technology has gained rapid popularity in both the biotech research and manufacturing communities because of the speed of analysis (analyse in a matter of minutes/hours, delivery of service within five working days) and the valuable information it provides in assisting process development.

Dr Frederic Girard the CEO of  Spinnovation said recently about his perception of the value of  Spedia-NMRTM to biotech companies, "In the short term, Spedia-NMRTM will fill the gap in knowledge to strengthen and speed up cell culture development and upstream processing... clients need to know what is going on in their cell culture and they need to know it fast," Dr Girard then went on to discuss the mid-term value of services from Spinnovation Biologics, "In the mid-term we will be able to provide methods and tools to our clients to help them to cope with the demand of FDA edicts regarding Quality by Design (QbD) and validation in the production environment."

Spedia-NMRTM technology is available on a fee-for-sample or as a contract service to all biotech. Users range from medium to large biotech companies and some academic clients use this specialist service in their protein therapeutics research. The true adaptability of Spedia-NMRTM analysis has led to its application across a range of cell systems and production platforms including: CHO, stem cells and virus production platforms. Spedia-NMRTM is designed to perform rapid, high throughput analyses of cell culture media batches and feed-batches in a very cost-efficient manner, using fully automated sample analysis and data processing.

For further information, please visit:

Spedia-NMR is a registered trademark of Spinnovation Analytical BV

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