The Laboratory ReVolution Continues

SGEThe world's first digital analytical syringe and 2010 R&D100 award winner, eVol®, continues to revolutionize laboratory liquid handling with brand new features available from June 2011. The new eVol® 2011 firmware includes these features incorporated as a result of user feedback:

The new features are available with any eVol® purchased from June 2011, but existing eVol® owners can also take up the new features by returning their eVol® to their local  office to receive a firmware upgrade for a small fee. eVol® is the only laboratory product of its kind that offers firmware updates after initial purchase. The ability to update firmware means eVol® can keep pace with the rapid changes occurring in laboratory liquid handling for years to come.

What is eVol®?

eVol® has been created by the coupling of a precision analytical syringe to a digitally controlled electronic drive. The result is a product that eliminates user error and allows significantly improved levels of precision and accuracy in manual dispensing thereby improving laboratory workflows and the reliability of reported results independent of operator skill. eVol® can be easily calibrated enabling laboratories to comply with stringent global laboratory standards (e.g. GLP, GMP, FDA). eVol® is enabled by SGE's patented XCHANGE® technology - an innovative coupling mechanism. The coupling device enables syringes to be rapidly and easily removed and replaced, allowing them to be dedicated to individual liquids and/or methods and prevent possible cross contamination.

2011 Firmware Update for Existing eVol® Owners

For information on how to upgrade existing eVol® to 2011 firmware including where to send the eVol® handset and costs, please email or contact your local SGE office. Further information can also be found online, click here

About SGE Analytical Science

SGE Analytical Science began manufacturing syringes over 50 years ago and now manufactures a vast array of products for chromatography and mass spectrometry. SGE is an ISO accredited company and is proud that all major analytical science instrument manufacturers rely on and incorporate SGE manufactured components in their systems.SGE is heavily committed to ongoing research and development that will allow the company to continue to bring innovative technologies and solutions to analytical science.

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