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Thermo Fisher Scientific Updates Coverslipper with Enhanced Tissue Positioning Capabilities for Greater Consistency and Ease-of-use

The Thermo Scientific ClearVue helps ensure that patients receive fast and accurate diagnoses for diseases such as cancer.Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the launch of its updated ClearVueTM coverslipper with increased ease-of-use and enhanced tissue positioning to improve consistency in cytogenetics, immunohistochemistry and cytology laboratories. The latest instrument ensures that coverslips are positioned correctly in relation to the slides and tissue without user intervention, improving laboratory workflow and increasing throughput. By enabling a smoother workflow, coverslipper enhancements help ensure that patients receive faster, more accurate diagnoses for diseases such as cancer.  

The Thermo Scientific ClearVue coverslipper works by covering the portion of the slide containing tissue using a thin glass coverslip and applying a clear synthetic mounting medium to act as a bond. The latest instrument has the capability to manage up to 11 slide racks simultaneously and automatically adjusts mountant volume, allowing a smooth workflow. The upgraded ClearVue coverslipper ensures the correct positioning of slides by featuring an enhanced gripper return plate with an extended front face. Consistent coverslip dispensing is enabled by a steel motor pulley that also increases durability. Additionally, software upgrades allow the easy adjustment of slide visibility levels and the dependable covering of all slides. The instrument offers particular benefits to the cytology industry by minimizing bubble formation without the need for excessive mountant. This makes the ClearVue instrument ideal for the coverslipping of thin layer, liquid-based cytology slides that have raised fiducial marks.  

The ClearVue coverslipper is a complete coverslipping system in just one instrument, accompanied by a range of approved laboratory consumables, including the ClearVue mountant and 1.0 coverglass hoppers. By utilising unique pre-filled hoppers, the loading and changing of coverslips is quick and easy without risk of environmental contamination, fingerprints or glass cuts. Additionally, ClearVue coverslips are specially designed to ease dispensing and reduce the risk of jamming caused by moisture contamination.

 Thermo Fisher offers extensive training and maintenance services to ClearVue product users, ensuring ease-of-use and instrument dependability. Training is provided on operation and best practices for daily and weekly maintenance and is documented and certified for laboratory records. The company also performs pre-demo checks to ensure the use of the correct slide baskets, mountant and coverslips, as well as the existence of a xylene-rich atmosphere, which must be maintained to prevent drying and guarantee consistency.  

Giulio Cerroni, Thermo Fisher's vice president of Anatomical Pathology commercial operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, said: "The primary objective of our anatomical pathology offering is to recognize and understand that there are patients awaiting a diagnosis. Many of the ClearVue coverslipper's features have been upgraded to enhance tissue positioning and offer improved consistency and ease-of-use, making this instrument one of the leading and most reliable coverslippers on the market. This helps Thermo Fisher further its goal of ensuring that diseases can be diagnosed in the fastest way possible, with minimal downtime and the highest productivity."  

For more information about the latest Thermo Scientific ClearVue coverslipper, please call + 44 (0)800 018 9396 or visit 

Thermo Scientific is part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

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